Lee Zih-Cong 李紫晴


Art Portfolio

2016    Taiwan Chiayi International Landscape Art Outdoor Sculpture Symposium

2016    Portugal Minho, the second international stone Sculpture Symposium

2016    Turkey. (BÜYÜKÇEKMECE) International stone Sculpture Symposium 

2015    China Fuzhou, the first International Sculpture Exhibition

2014    China,Shandong Jimo shi  International Sculpture  Competition

2014    China ,Pingtan  First  International Sculpture  Competition

2014    CHINA, Wu-Hu.  The 4nd International Sculpture Competition

2014    Qingdao International Horticultural Expo International Sculpture   


2013    TURKEY, İZMİR. The 2nd International Stone Sculptur Symposium.

2012    CHINA,An-hui (Tong-ling). International Copper Sculpture Competition

2012    USA, Schoodic.  International Sculpture Symposium

2012    TURKEY, Luleburgaz. The 3rd International Stone Sculpture Symposium

2011    CHINA, SHAN-DONG (Wei-Hai). The 6th International Stone Sculpture


2011    TAIWAN, BenQ (Hsin-Chu). The 2nd International Stone Sculpture Workshop

2011    RUSSIA, Penza.  The 4th International Stone Sculpture Symposium

2011    TURKEY, Kartal.  The 1st International Stone Sculpture Workshop

2010    TURKEY, Luleburgaz. The 2nd International Stone Sculptur Symposium.

2009    TAIWAN, Hualien. The 8th Hualien International Stone Sculpture Symposium

2007    CHINA, Shen-Zhen. The 8th Han-Dynasty Jade Award, International Stone

        Sculpture Competition.


2012     Hualien. Public Art in NDHU--International Stone Sculpture Workshop

2009     Collection of Hualien Cultural Affairs Bureau in Hualien International Stone

         Sculpture Symposium 

2009     Nan-Tou. Public Art in Pu-Tai Senior High School

2008     Tai-Chung. Public Art of Tathāgata Building

2007     Kao-Hsiung. Collection of Ciao-tou Suger Museum Biennial , Bureau

         of Cultural Affairs.

2007     Collection of Hualien Cultural Affairs Bureau in Hualien International Stone

         Sculpture Symposium .

2006     Hualien Award of Hualien Fine Art Exhibition

2005     Collection of Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival, Cultural Affairs


2005     Public Art Collection of Hualien City Hall

2004     Public Art Collection of Hualien City Hall,

2002     Public Art Collection of Yilan District Court.

2002     Collection of “Beauty of Expectant Mother”, Mammy Village.

2002     Merit Award of Hualien Fine Art Exhibition

2000     Top Prize of HOPE-921 in CAMPUS, Tzu-Chi.

1999-2001 Statue of Chung-Tai Chan Monastery.


2012     CHINA, Shang-hai. Inheritance of Intergenerational Craftsmanship 


2012     JAPAN, Miyazaki. International Modern Sculpture Exhibition of Miyazaki


2011     TAIWAN, Hualien Stone Sculptural Museum .  Duo Exhibition “The

         Differentials in the Sameness” of Shan-Chi Teng and Zih-Cing Lee.

2011     TAIWAN, Taipei. Solo Exhibition “Women, the Best”in LEE Gallery

2010     TAIWAN, Hualien .  Exhibition“Crossing Xiuguluan River” in Hualien Stone Sculptural Museum

2010     CHINA, Beijing. Exhibition of Fine Sculptures and Sculpture-Online-2010

2009     TAIWAN, Hualien(Yu-Li Township). Solo Exhibition in Hakka Cultural


2006     TAIWAN, Hualien . Couple exhibition  (Hualien Stone Sculptural Museum)

2006     TAIWAN, Taipei. Strait Cultural Exchange Exhibition (JiLin Gallery)

2002     TAIWAN, New Taipei (Ying-Ge District). Couple exhibition (Yun-Shui

         Cottage Gallery ).

2001     TAIWAN, Hualien. New Century Exhibition of Hualien International Stone

         Sculpture Festival

1998     National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Stone Sculpture Joint Exhibition

1997     Duo Exhibition of Women Sculpture in Classic Gallery