On the occasion of the 1st International Sculpture Park in Morocco, organized inEl Jadida in 2000, we questioned whether our action might be considered as of public utility – whether in our country sculpture could play a part in the cultural upgrading process, which started at the turn of the century – in other words might public art, and a sculpture park ought to be seen as such, fulfil a reconciling function between the citizen and the city.

When setting up the 2nd Park in Tangier in 2001 ,  the 3rd in Fes in 2002, and the 4th in Essaouira in 2003,  the 5th in Taroudannt 2011,  this question was obviously raised  yet again. This encouraged us  in our recurrent course of action and our goal to provide the Kingdom of Morocco with an open air Sculpture Museum, scattered in maybe a dozen cities across the country, with a yearly rotating organisation and the accumulation of 8 to 10 sculptures each year.

The results of the above mentioned events are visible in El Jadida (8 works), Tangier ( 8 works), Fes (7 works), Essaouira (10 works) and Taroudant (9 works). They witness to the exemplary support of our partners and the vision of solidarity which inspired sculptors from diverse origins.

After a five-year absence due to the Ministry of Culture’s defection, the International Sculpture Park’s activity will pick up with its 6th Edition this year in Assilah  in partnership with the local authorities and Fondation Forum dAssilah . We will make create and display 8 sculptures, they will remain available for the view of Assilah residents and visitors, in different light or shade depending on the time of day, opening each one to the subtle  dialog with plastic beauty, and what each work offers to the city in terms of grace and harmony.