Sculptors Camp

"If there weren’t people believed in the idea of capturing and immortalize the moments, while at the same time transmitting the history of thousands of years in such way, maybe we could not see the statues of ancient Egypt, Palmyra or Petra and could not recognize the history of ancient civilizations like the Pharaonic, Roman and Nabataeans.

From here, the passion of sculpture born as one of the most important bearing dimensions arts; which show - despite the inanimate - as a writer and witness and narrator of events. 

A collection of young Omani artists decided to join such writing on the history book, from the beginning of their present, visible and tangible material. Through the establishment of a global sculpture camp which will be situated in the historical city of "Sohar", considering the depth of its majestic civilization, and which contains the noblest material for sculpting, namely, marble. 

Further to the economic and social renaissance in the Sultanate of Oman, there was a need for a cultural renaissance to support both, where one wing cannot be flown.

Thus, the International Sculpture Camp in Sohar, in its advanced seasons, toured the horizons through the participation of international sculptors with their respectful names and radiance in their countries and the world, leaving their work as alive witness that the Sultanate of Oman is a country of civilization, art and peace.

This great event, which has gained roots and branches, does not reflect the value of art in Oman only, but adopting a comprehensive human responsibility by sending out multilingual and nationalities messages carried back by artists from all over the world to their countries and to the world revealing that all of Oman and in particular Sohar, is a pilgrimage place of artists and an open museum of fine art which capable of containing many ideas within a single marble. 

The International Sculpture Camp in Sohar definitely is a good supporter of internal and external tourism in the Sultanate and are becoming an important landmark in the solid cultural and artistic aspects in both, time and place."

The organizer of Sculptors Camp is Omani Sculptor Ali Al Jabri.