Santa Maria International Sculptors Symposium

"The Santa Maria International Sculptors Symposium aims to promote artistic production, cultural exchange and contemporary art inpublic spaces. The event was born in 2008, conceived by Grupo Arte Pública, formed by sculptors André Marcos, Catiuscia Dotto and Roberto Chagas, who started to look for partnerships to carry it out.

In December 2011, the first edition took place, which brought together five sculptors who sculpted in sandstone at Gare da Estação, in front of the Grupo Arte Pública studio. The second Santa Maria International Sculptors Symposium took place in 2013, bringing together six artists who worked with wood.

In 2015, the third Santa Maria International Sculptors Symposium was held, in which eight artists worked with stone or cement. In December of the same year , the forth International Sculptors Symposium was held with ten artists who worked in stone, metal, cement and fiberglass.

The event took place with funding from the Municipality of Santa Maria in partnership with the Municipal Secretary of Culture and the Piazito Association and the Station Group. So far the event has helped realize thirty-one sculptures that integrate the artistic heritage of the municipality. Artists from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Russia and Uruguay have attended the symposium. The symposium promotes cultural exchange between artists and the community, and follows the development and process of each sculpture, always done in a public place. More than 500 students from the basic education network visited the event and more than 15,000 people followed the sculptors' production process.

Currently, the symposium seeks to move towards its fifth edition, with different materials, where the poetics of each artist goes little by little, incorporating the city's landscape and reconstructing a daily life where yet another artistic language comes to inhabit the public spaces in permanent dialogue with the population."

The founder and organizer of the Santa Maria International Sculptors Symposium is Brazilian Sculptor Catiuscia Dotto.