The first SHILPASANGAM SHILPOTSAV International Sculpture Symposium, and ISSA India, which lasted 20 days, recently ended in Gujarat, India. A total of 12 artists from 10 countries left their works behind.

The event was hosted by the Gujarat State Stone Art Training Institute (SAPTI), which was established by the Gujarat Department of Industries and Mines. The institution aims to harness the potential of the state's stone industry and to promote its valuable stone art and architectural heritage. SAPTI, through its various courses, provides students with an opportunity to hone their skills in stone carving and craftsmanship through traditional and modern techniques and real-life industry experience.

In Ambaji, a small town in Gujarat, where five sculpture symposium have been held since June 2022, SHILPASANGAM SHILPOTSAV was the first international sculpture symposium with the participation of 12 international sculptors from 10 countries across the globe. the word Shilpotsav is derived from the Sanskrit word Shilpa, meaning festival of sculpture. Similarly, the word Sangam in the title of the workshop means "fusion", indicating the international and diverse nature of sculpture.

SAPTI is committed to the overall development and sculptural renaissance of Ambaji town.

The organizer    Nitin Dutt