CILLIUM Symposium-Kasserine

CILLIUM Symposium ,on environmental sculpture on marble and stone


 As part of the second session of the festival of plastic arts days of Carthage 2019 and in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in Tunisia, the association La septième dimension organizes the first session of the environmental sculpture symposium on marble and stone in  the higher institute of arts and crafts of the city of Kasserine from: October 28 to November 11, 2019.The goal of this international symposium is to produce sculptures in favor of the various arts spaces of the region.  Rich in several varieties of marble and stone. The quarries of Kasserine produced since antiquity a quality of marble and stones known throughout the world.  This symposium proposes to highlight these magnificent natural products of the region, through the genius of art.  A subtle little message that Tunisian and international artists will have the pleasure of sculpting freely, during the period of the symposium .


The organizer  Mohamed Bouaziz