the symposium International Sculptor Colony of BiH

Cypriot colony held in Kornica, Bosanski Samac municipality. The goal is to bring together academic sculptors from Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world.

The concept of the sculptural colony in Komica is designed to follow contemporary art in BiH and the world, make contemporary sculptural works and fit into the entire exterior of the place where the colony is held. Participants would be academic sculptors from BiH, Croatia and other countries, but they can be joined and learned from anyone interested in sculpture, sculptural techniques and contemporary sculptures in the world. The choice of materials from which the sculptures are made remains the choice of artists, because it opens the possibility of a broader, more diverse and interesting approach that is much more interesting both for participants and for the wider community and all BiH citizens and all tourists who come. to watch, observe, discuss and reflect on all these diverse sculptures. It will also be a place for symposia, forums, lectures and reflections on art in the world and in our country.

The organizer Antonio Dzolan