The Roots – International Sculpture Symposium Aš

Mountain tops are often the border between nations and states. However, they have been moved more than once in the history of Europe. The nations joined forces with their neighbors and cooperated. Common ties have been built for generations. It was all broken. But art has no boundaries. The roots left by past generations are an inspiration to us.

We want to build a place for a good life.

The Town of Aš wants to provide sculptors and visitors with conditions for mutual enrichment. The statues will be placed in the town center.

Visitors can watch the artwork from the first stone breaking and metal welding. They will therefore be part of the born sculptures and will have the opportunity to identify with the newly emerging work. In addition to interesting and unfamiliar moments, this experience also brings a new perspective on fine arts and cultivates the viewer's feeling. Such enjoyment shifts not only young people's sense of a new approach to culture, but also helps to protect all works of art in a public place.


the Organizer of  The Roots – International Sculpture Symposium Aš   Jitka Kusova