Zipaquirá International sculpture Symposium


PROJECT CARRIER: Croatian Cultural Society Kornica

PERFORMANCE TIME: 28.7.2023. – 6/8/2023.


The sculpture symposium is the product of the desired interaction between professional artists on the one hand and people from the Croatian Cultural and Sports Association Kornica, for whom art is a very important need. It is a goal that cannot be achieved in one breath, but requires a long period of time and serious engagement of not a small number of people. Art symposia are first and foremost a place for dialogue and meeting of ideas, and their dates become permanently inscribed in time and space. This cultural manifestation is held with the funds of the Society and with the voluntary contributions of our friends.


The Croatian Cultural and Sports Association Kornica was founded in 2010 in the village of Kornica, municipality of Bosanski Šamac in Bosanska Posavina (BiH), with the purpose of cultural and educational activity, economic strengthening and raising the social security of the inhabitants of this Posavina region. Seeing the potential that Kornica has given its geographical position and exceptional plain landscapes, the cultural manifestation "International Sculpture Symposium Kornica" was launched in 2016 with the enthusiasm of members of the Society and its friends. The symposium is conceived as an international meeting of academic sculptors, who create their works in Kornica and leave them exposed in the exterior of the village, which is slowly growing into the first park of contemporary art in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The Cypriot Symposium in Kornica was created out of a happy need to make a marginal area of this country a place where artistic creativity resides. By carefully selecting and engaging sculptors from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia as well as the world, this happy assumption about the passion for artistic living in one location, at one geographical point, takes place. Art thus becomes at one moment a significant component of life in that small town next to Šamac. The Croatian Cultural and Sports Association Kornica is a lover, not only of art, but of all the most valuable human qualities and timeless values, which is made up of enthusiasts and people with big hearts who started this unique artistic event with far wider goals and meaning, because they want the affirmation of artistic communication here and now. By creating the conditions for the future art gallery and the storage of the created art heritage, the foundations are created for a well-thought-out cultural policy that, in the long term, already makes the Cypriot Symposium in Kornica a significant place on the map of art events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and beyond.


The organizer    Carlos E Rodriguez Arango