03 04 2019

Application for Mural|2019 Højer Art Jam

The 27th Højer Art Jam will be held in Hoyer, Denmark, from 16 to 23 June 2019. The application for Mural has begun. Please send your application form before 21st April 2019. Come and be a part of Art Jam-family, where magical things will take place!


Rules of the mural part




The motif of the murals is at the artist's own option, though it has to fit the theme: "WIND, SEA, EARTH & SKY" like 2018. The purpose of this theme is to strengthen people's attention to local nature.


This event roots back to the wood sculpture symposium, that has taken place in Hojer since 1993. In 2018 it included new art forms, such as murals, installation art and photography, while the wood sculpture part of the event is still the main focus. Even though it made many changes, it is still an art event with roots in the symposium-world. International artists come to Hojer and for one week create stunning artworks from different raw materials. The audience is invited to follow the creation process up-front and to interact with the artists during the time of their stay. The artists become a part of the local community for a time, and experience the local nature and way of life. The outcome of the event is stunning artworks and great experiences, cultural exchange and friendships.