01 06 2019

“Quotidiana Bellezza” International Art In Nature Symposium Ended, Chinese Artist Zhou Jiefu Participated

“Quotidiana Bellezza” International Art In Nature Symposium  was held from April 20 to 27 on the Italian Island, Sardinia. A total of nine artists participated in the symposium, among them, Chinese sculptor Zhou Jiefu is the only representative from Asia. Not long before its commencement, the symposium joined ISSA and became its 83rd member. 

ARTETICA Odv is the organization behind the symposium. It is a nonprofit organization, composed of professional sculptors. 

“Quotidiana Bellezza” is a yearly event. It aims to introduce public art to nature, and to raise environmental awareness through the appreciation of art.

2019 is the first year of the symposium. Invited artists include Katharina Sommer (Germany), Zhou Jiefu (China), Eva Mart (Spain), Leonardo Cannistrà (Italy), Giuseppe Mongiello (Italy), Jorge Raga (Mexico), Federica Ferzoco (Italy). Chairman of the association is Elena Rondini, and the creative director of the symposium is Emanuela Camaci.

The installation by Zhou Jiefu is titled “whirlpool”, it is constructed using natural materials such as reeds and olive tree branches. With time, the physical object will slowly disintegrate into its surroundings, yet the discourse between man and nature forever remains. 

The symposium is located in an important archeology park on the island of Sardinia. Sardinia is the second largest island in Italy with over 3000 years of history.