01 06 2019

ISSA's 84th Member, Tuwaiq International Sculpture Symposium

Recently, Tuwaiq International Sculpture Symposium of Saudi Arabia joined ISSA, representing the 43rd country and the 84th symposium to join the association.

Tuwaiq International Sculpture Symposium held its very first event in Riyadh. It featured artists from Albania, Italy, Serbia, Germany, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Denmark, Spain, Slovenia, England, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Iraq, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, with the addition of 20 volunteers from Aswan, Egypt. Ambassadors of Brazil, Germany, Denmark and the United States, along with Saudi officials attended the closing ceremony.

The organizers plans to continue the symposium in the future, with each year inviting 20 sculptors from various countries. Chairman of the symposium is Ali Jabbar, a Danish citizen born in Iraq, and currently lives in the UK. Jabbar studied at Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad, Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad, and KKA Copenhagen School; he is an influential contemporary sculptor and designer.