22 06 2019

The Tourist Paradise of Mexico: Symposium of Contemporary Sculpture of Playa del Carmen

The first Symposium of Contemporary Sculpture of Playa del Carmen was held from May 19 to June 6, 2019. The symposium was organized by the Solidarity H. Ayuntamiento City Hall, and Municipal Institute for Arts and Culture Playa del Carmen ( IMCAS ) in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. The General Director was C. Luis Ernesto López Vargas and the Coordinator of the Project was Sculptor C. Luis Ramón Aguilar Castañeda. 

A total of five local sculptors were invited to the symposium, and they each worked on an original design with ranging from three to five meters high. The sculptors were given complete creative freedom with the only requirement of applying the technique of ferro-cement, considering the sculptors would be installed in an area frequented by hurricanes. 

In addition of food, housing, tools and materials, the Institute also provided the artists paid tickets, studio assistants, as well as a fund of 1500 dollars. The sculptures created would remain in Playa del Carmen and become part of its cultural heritage.