30 06 2019

Højer Art Jam Heading Towards A New Direction

The 27th Højer Art Jam had recently concluded its annual event on June 23. The event this year was divided into two parts, with the first part taking place from June 8 to 15 in Kolding, and the second part taking place from June 16 to 23 in Højer. A diverse group of artists participated in the event, they came from China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia and Denmark.

Officially joined ISSA in 2017, the Danish organization dates back to 1993, when it was originally called “Højer Internationale Træskulptur Symposium”. In the recent two years, new art forms including murals, installation art and photography were introduced to the event. Though the organizers of the Højer Art Jam is taking the event to a new direction, the changes were made in the spirit of its wood sculpting tradition as well as the original ideology to bring together communities with art.