08 07 2019

ISSA Udine: Sculptures in the Italian Countryside

The 22th Il Faro International Sculpture Symposium was held from June 15 to June 30 in Udine, a city northeast of Italy. A total of nine artists who came from Australia, Italy, Nepal, Oman, Romania, Tunisia, Turkmenistan and Ukraine left their marks in the beautiful city.

Vergnacco Sculpture Park provided the artists a place to work. Its open air environment was perfectly stimulating to the creative minds. Over the duration of fifteen days, artists worked vigorously to bring the life out of pieces of rough stones. There had been over two hundred artists who had participated in the symposium ever since its conception, and a selection of works were installed in the sculpture park.

The symposium was organized by Il Faro Cultural Association. The association was founded in 1984, and it aims to encourage, coordinate and execute cultural projects. In the context of the northeastern small-town Italy, Il Faro Cultural Association advances towards its goal by organizing symposiums, exhibitions, lectures among other artistic events. 

Il Faro International Sculpture Symposium joined ISSA in 2018 and set up the alliance’s third European office in the very same year.