16 07 2019

ISSA Romania: Caransebeș International Sculpture Symposium

The ninth Caransebeș International Sculpture Symposium was held from June 17 to July 6 at Caransebeș, a municipality southwest of Romania. During the closing ceremony, the secretary general of ISSA, Liu Yang, presented the symposium the Certificate of Membership; it has been an official member of the alliance since 2017. In addition, the Mayor of Caransebeș, Borcean Felix, was introduced as an honorary member of ISSA and was presented the Certificate of Honor.

A total of ten sculptors participated in the event, they came from Canada, China, France, Israel, Romania, Serbia, Spain and Syria. The stones used in the symposium were locally sourced, characteristically soft and porous in texture. The sculptors worked in large scale, with their sculptures ranging from two to four meters tall.

During the symposium, the sculptors traveled to the city of Târgu Jiu, the birth place of the renewed Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși. At Târgu Jiu, they visited sculptures by Brâncuși including the Endless Column, as well as the house which Brâncuși lived in as a child. 

To this day, Caransebeș International Sculpture Symposium has produced over one hundred sculptures that are installed in the central parts of the city as well as the Caransebeș sculpture park.