17 09 2019

Call for the 9th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium

Tehran Beautification Organization hold the 9 th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium Symposium 


Introducing, internalizing and enhancing the position of Iran’s sculpture Art.

Symposium Targets:

- Creating collaborative ambience in terms of cultural and artistic dialogues alongside exchanging knowledge and sculptural experience.

- Raising and developing the general awareness in the international sculptural arena.

- Resurrecting Iran’s historical heritage in respect of Inscription and engraving.

- Bringing up opportunities for creating artworks by domestic and international artists.

- Developing a good supporting environment for sculptors and urban sculpture art.

- Demonstrating the potential ability of sculpture media in respect of education and society.

Tehran sculpture symposium will be held in two sections: Professional and Student section (this section has been considered just for Iranian Sculpture University Students). Bright Travertine stone has been determined as special material in the 9th symposium.

Organizing unit:

Head of symposium: Dr.Barzin Zarghami Symposium Policy Council Members: Saied Shahlapour, ,Morteza Neematolahi, Mahmoud Pour Nasri Nejad, Mohammad Bahrami, Raffie Davtian, Mohamad Marvasti, Seyed Mojtaba Mousavi;

Symposium Director: Seyed Mojtaba Mousavi;

Symposium Jury committee: Morteza Neematolahi, Mahmoud Pour Nasri Nejad, Raffie Davtian, Mohamad Marvasti, Seyed Mojtaba Mousavi

Director of International Affairs: Alireza Esmaeili.

How to apply

Artists must submit their applications via email by September 11th , 2019

The Registration application include:

- Completed and signed registration form

- Artist’s Curriculum Vitae with personal details (place of birth, date of birth, address, vocational training, main art exhibitions, and sculpture symposiums)

- Recent Photo of artist

- Picture of the valid passport (the expiration date must be greater than 8 months)

- Pictures of their proposals sculptures in different angles (If the artist deems necessary, a short description of the work and detailed creation plan)

- Presentation of the previous Artworks, especially photos of other symposiums that artists participated before are obligatory. (Including medium, dimensions, year and place of creation)

Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.

For more information and send application contact us:

Artists Selection process:

Jury committee will determine selected artists according to their registration application documents.

Each Artists could submit up to three proposal sculptures which has not been executed before.

Each artist must bring a model of the selected work in Scale of 1:10. Models will be exhibited in peripheral exhibition during the Symposium period. It will be the responsibility of each artist to transport their own model.

Symposium policy council will be selecting and inviting 5 Iranian Artists and 10 International Artists in professional section for creating their artworks in actual scale. Meanwhile, in the student section, will be selecting and inviting 10 Iranian sculpture university students. This section has considered in terms of high educational stone techniques alongside providing possibility to work in collaboration with professional international artists. This section is considered just for the Junior and Senior University students in major of sculpture.

The 9th Tehran International sculpture symposium excuses for accepting artists who has participated in professional section in the 8 th Tehran International Sculpture symposium.

The participated artists in student section are allowed to participate just for one time.


Tehran symposium will provide the “Bright Travertine stone”, stone cubic in total dimensions of minimum 2.5m3 and maximum 3m3(2.5m3-3m3) without consideration of pedestal. Artists must specify the dimension of required stone for the creation of their work, and if necessary, the dimensions of the pedestal in the application form.

Tehran symposium will provide 1m3 cube in shape of rectangular cube or square for Iranian Sculpture university student section.

Specific facilities:

Symposium will provide big grinder, mini grinder (available in Iranian market) with Diamond cutting disk, and polishing disk in 2 sizes (small –large) for any artists individually, along their stones.

Artists could bring other personal required tools with themselves.

Symposium will provide essential safety items for artists (safety shoes, masks, etc.)

General Conditions:

Drill for holing, crane for displacement, air compressor as well will be provided to share with each other. The air compressor will be coordinately under the supervision of work site manager.


For any artist in professional section, the symposium organization will consider an assistant (male or female) among the students graduated or sculptors. The execution process is an opportunity for assistants to work and educate beside international artist during the symposium period.


- For the professional section: 1700 € + Reimburse Travel expenses & Travel Health Insurance up to 500€.

- Artists will have to book and pay fee of the tickets by themselves. The Organization of the symposium will pay the reimbursement after artists arrive in Tehran. In these cases artists have to demonstrate proof of all expenses.

- Symposium will cover all the visa expenses. The Organization of the symposium will pay the reimbursement after artists arrive in Tehran. In these cases artists have to demonstrate proof of all expenses.

In addition, symposium will donate participant certificate In university student section, according to the decision of jury board committee, one of the students will be introduced as a talented sculptor.

Other conditions:

1-The selected work models are belonged to the symposium museum, so the material of the models must be high resistant.

2-The honorarium will be endowed in closing ceremony to the artists who finish their work according to enclosed selected proposal sculpture in symposium timetable.

3-All created sculptures belongs to municipality of Tehran. The secretariat of Tehran Sculpture Symposium reserve all the rights for representing the works. Copyright reserved for photos in newspapers and other media, as well.

4- Full board accommodation in 3 stars Hotel -single room is planned. Any additional personal expenses will be covered by the artist.

5- During the symposium, 30 minutes is dedicated to each artist for presenting their artworks and sharing their experiences after lunch time, every day.

6-During the symposium period, a one-day trip to one historic city near Tehran is considered.

7-Symposium Timetable will not be changed despite of any weather conditions.

8- The artists must remain at the Symposium’s work site during work hours and must respect the Symposium’s regulations and timetable. In any special case, which happens out of symposium regulations by any participant, the symposium secretariat will decide about the maintenance of presence and collaboration of the artists

Symposium Timetable:

Registration Deadline: September 11 th , 2019

Announcement of final result: September 26 th , 2019

Arrival of artists: November 1 st , 2019

Opening ceremony: November 2 nd , 2019

Closing ceremony: November 25 th , 2019

Departure of Tehran: November 26 th , 2019

Contact information:

Secretariat address: 

Tehran Sculpture Center Activities, East Shahid Jamali Street, Shahid Vafamanesh Street., Heravi Square, Pasdaran, Tehran, Iran.

Tel and Fax: (+9821) 22969744(112 interphones )

Email address: