22 10 2019

The Frist-ever All-women Sculpture Symposium


For the challenge of having to individually complete large scale sculptures in a relatively short amount of time, sculpture symposiums are known for their high demand on the physique of the participants, and it has historically been a male dominated field. In Ukraine, however, there has been an unprecedented, women-only sculpture symposium.

The sixth Transkarpathian Sculpture Symposium was held from September 1 to 15, in southwest of Ukraine. The five participating sculptors were from four different countries: Hungary, Spain, The Czech Republic and Ukraine.






The organizer of the symposium were the Hungarian Ukrainian father-son duo of the Matls, who are also responsible for organizing two to three sculpture symposiums in Ukraine and Hungary every year. The Matls have had the ideas for many years, and it’s this year they finally got to brought it to light.

There were some concerns about the all-female sculpture symposium, but soon after the symposium began, all the concerns were dissipated. Not only was each sculptor experienced in the stone carving tools, they were also veterans in the field of sculpture symposium. Among the finished sculptures, some were as tall as three meters, and some were figurative sculptures which is relatively rare in sculpture symposiums.