27 02 2020

ISSA 2019 in Review: Notable Events

In the year of 2019:

35 symposiums were held by members of the International Sculpture Symposium Alliance (ISSA) across the globe.

14 new members officially joined ISSA in the past year, representing Australia, France, Iran, Mexico, Montenegro, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, The Czech Republic, and Turkey.

In January: 

Former curator of Glasgow Museum of Modern Art, Julian Spalding became an honorary member of ISSA;


Dr. Mohamed Najib Ahmad Dawa, curator of the National Art Gallery of Malaysia, accepted the Certificate of Honor and became an honorary member of ISSA;  


In June:

Peter Matl was awarded the Grand Prize of the Hungarian Academy of Arts. 


In July

Dragoslav Šćekić, Mayor of Berane, Montenegro became an honorary member of ISSA.


Borcean Felix, Mayor of Caransebes, Romania became an honorary member of ISSA.


ISSA cooperated with the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, and invited Aleksandar Bogdanovic, the Minister of Culture, to be an honorary member. It was the alliance’s first collaboration with a government institution.


In October:

President of the Royal Society of Sculptors, Clare Burnett became an honorary member of ISSA.


In December:

Mayor of Rio Maior, Portugal became an honorary member of ISSA.


ISSA and Asia-Pacific Starlight Design Alliance co-signed the strategic cooperation agreement.