08 05 2020

Open Call: 1st “Social Distancing” International Online Sculpture Symposium

1st “Social Distancing” International Online Sculpture Symposium

May 17 to 24 (Application Deadline: May 10)

Organizer: AIESM and ISSA

Curator: Badii and Jorg Van Daele

Jury: Bettino Francini, Lucia Badii, Jorge Schröder, Yang Liu and Jorg Van Daele

15 sculptors will be selected for the symposium.

May 18 to 23—work days;

May 23—submission of finished work;

May 24—winner announced by jury.

Theme: Social Distancing

Material: unrestricted

“We are all closed in a quarantine, caused by an invisible enemy, which we ignored the existence until it decided to target us. We are all put to the test in this moment, individually but everybody sharing the same attitude: “Social distancing”. Closed at home and far from each other, the life we were doing before is now a memory of the past, but as human beings we are called to express our best through adaptation, and the possibility to create a new start and imagine a new future to be together again, despite the Covid-19.”

Selected artists will be working from home. On the first day, they will each submit a photo of themselves with a drink to participate in the virtual opening ceremony. Daily documentation of work is required, and they will be published on AIESM and ISSA’s official website. 

By the end of the symposium a winner is chosen by the jury. A winner chosen by the public’s vote is also under consideration. The winner will be published on the newspaper amongst other media, and rewarded a free AIESM membership.


How to apply:

-Submit application form to 

-Proposal detailing size and material (50 cm minimum)  


For more information: