11 06 2020

First ISSA Symposium South of the Sahara

Recently, African "Stones Talk" Stone Sculpture Symposium joined  the International Sculpture Symposium Alliance (ISSA). It is the first ISSA member that bases south of the Sahara, holding events intermittently in Kisii, Kenya.


The Chair of the symposium is Motondi Gerard Oroo, whose work is exhibited and displayed in countries such as Russia, Israel, Germany, Korea, India, China etc. 


It has been eight years since ISSA was first founded and many of  its earliest members congregate around the Mediterranean and east Asia. In recent years, Northern African sculpture symposiums based in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco were welcomed into the alliance. Now with the addition of African "Stones Talk" Stone Sculpture Symposium, African Symposiums continues to play a more and more active role on the international stage.