11 09 2020

ISSA Malaysia: World Under Covid Exhibition

August 16 marked the opening of the exhibition by Malaysian sculptor Low Chee Peng. Hosted by the International Sculpture Symposium Alliance (ISSA), the theme of the exhibition is the world under COVID. 


Low Chee Peng has been making art since he was a teenager. In recent years he had been living in the city of Penang, a cultural heritage site, and contributing to its cultural diversity. ISSA's Secretary General Liu Yang was invited to be the exhibition's academic director, and wrote about the works of Low Chee Peng:

"I have been to Penang and seen its world renowned public art, so I thought there had to be artists who were capable of creating them. And I was right.

In ISSA's first Online Sculpture Symposium, Low Chee Peng, a sculptor from Penang, Malaysia took the first place with his mesmerizing sculpture.

The child is a persistent theme throughout Low's body of work. The glittering translucency of the white marble renders the child pure as the water, bright as the moon. Perhaps it speaks to the artist's heart of gold.

Black and white, metal and stone.

Juxtaposing black and white, the sculpture defines the two extremes. In-between, there are all colors of the spectrum, the red of a flower, the green of a willow tree, and the shades of grey among us. Putting metal against stone harmonizes the nature and the artifact without homogenization. 

The spring and summer this year weren't the friendliest to us all, and what would this marble-white angle do?

Put on a face mask, and keep six feet's distance.

It's the black humor of the white angle.

It's also the creation of an artist. Artists bring beauties to the world, and they should also bring a word of advice. It's our fortune to witness the little angle who sees through it all."