11 09 2020

ISSA China: "The Art of Harmony" International Public Art Symposium

2020 China-Chengdu "the Art of Harmony" International Public Art Symposium officially concluded on August 27, in the town of Shou'an, also known as the "home of flowering trees". Due to the pandemic, all symposiums had come to a halt for the past five month. With its commencement, "The Art of Harmony" Symposium has brought a ray of light into the world of sculpture symposiums.


The symposium was jointly hosted by the International Sculpture Symposium Alliance (ISSA) and the local government of Shou'an. It's also the first event since "the Art of Harmony" International Public Art Symposium joined ISSA as an official member. During the opening ceremony, ISSA's Secretary General Liu Yang presented the certificate of membership, as well as the the Alliance's flag. In "the Art of Harmony" International Public Art Symposium, Xu Zhenglong was the academic advisor and the art director, She Xingchuan was the producer, Wang Xuhui, Yang Shuai and Wu Yantao and others made up the curatorial team.

2020 marked the third event of "the Art of Harmony" International Public Art Symposium. With the exception of its first event which was held in Spain, the rest of its events were held in Shou'an, China. The Symposium helped open "The Art of Harmony" International Sculpture Park, which has already become a cultural staple of Shou'an. 

"The Art of Harmony" as a cultural and artistic project was answered by the public with enthusiasm. It was awarded the bronze prize of the sixth Golden Panda Heaven Creative Design Contest in China, and the GesCulCyl cultural innovation award in Spain.

There were 12 sculptors from China, France, India, and the United States participating in the event, among which 4 sculptors were from the local province of Sichuan. During the symposium, participating artists interacted and collaborated with the locals, and brought new expressions to the tradition.