14 12 2020

ISSA Open Call: 4th International Sculpture Symposium MINO

The 4th International Sculpture Symposium will be organized by the town halls of Tomiño (Galicia, Spain) and Vila Nova de Cerveira (Portugal) from 1 June 2021 to 20 June 2021.

Domestic and foreign artists with experience in outdoor sculpture symposiums are invited to send 2 proposals for selection. Please include CV, photos of previous large-scale sculptures, photos of the model or drawings of the proposed projects. Materials must be sent to: before 15 January 2021. The sculptors can choose between marble, granite and metal and also the size for their project.

Every artist must bring his or her own tools. The organizer will provide electricity, compressed air, crane, and big grinder to each participant. The jury will select 6 artists and the sculptures created during the symposium will become properties of the organizer (Members of the town halls will select three sculptures for each municipality, three will be installed in Tomiño, other three in Vila Nova de Cerveira).

Accommodation and meals will be provided by the organizer, as well as local sightseeing tours and transportation to the working place.

Due the current situation with COVID19 the organization reserves the right to change the dates of the symposium. In case that any artist from far away are not able to travel because, the invitation will be reserved for the future edition of the symposium.

If there's any questions please e-mail

Artistic directors: Liliya Pobornikova / Nando Alvarez