21 02 2021

ISSA Q&A: How to Participate in the International Sculpture Symposiums

 1. Is it difficult to be selected for the International Sculpture Symposiums?   

    The number of selected sculptors in the International Sculpture Symposiums is generally about 10 per event. In many cases, the selection rate is less than 1%. However, there are sculpture symposiums held in Egypt and other countries that are more friendly to emerging artists. 

2. What are some of the important skills for participating in the International Sculpture Symposiums?

    Artistry, the ability to execute ideas, communication skills, and willingness to cooperate with other.

3. What is the difference between a sculpture symposium and an exhibition? 

    Exhibitions are generally held in commercial spaces where the curating institutions promote the works of selected artists. Sculpture Symposiums are events oriented around urban planning and cultural exchanges. The artworks are made on site, and the artists receive a commission fee from the event organizers. 

4. Who are on the judge panels?

    The jury of the ISSA Sculpture Symposiums is independently decided by the event organizer. 

5. What kind of organization is ISSA?

    ISSA stands for the International Sculpture Symposium Alliance. It is the largest sculpture organization in the world.

    At present, it has 104 member symposiums across 50 member countries/regions and more than 4000 international member sculptors. Some of ISSA's member organization include the earliest and largest sculpture parks in the world.

6. How many ISSA events are there?

    ISSA's member organizations organize about 30 events worldwide each year, most of which are in the form of sculpture symposiums, producing hundreds of public sculptures.