08 03 2021

ISSA Bolivia: the Highest Sculpture Park

Recently, Bolivia's Tupiza International Sculpture Park applied to be a member of the International Sculpture Symposium Alliance (ISSA). South of Bolivia, the city of Tupiza is located at an elevation of about 2850 meters, qualifying the sculpture park as one of the highest in the world.

The sculptures at the Tupiza International Sculpture Park were created during the three symposiums held in the previous years. The high altitude of Tupiza brings a unique charm to the city, and recent addition of public sculptures has added a rich layer to the local culture. The contribution the symposiums have made is not only cultural but also educational. It has provided learning opportunities to art students and visitors alike. 

Sculptor Luis Fernando Chumacero Gutierrez is the organizer of the symposiums at the Tupiza International Sculpture Park. Gutierrez has installed large-scale public sculptures in seven countries, and is certified by ISSA as an International Sculptor.