03 07 2021

2021 ISSA International Sculptor Certification, 151 Qualify

The International Sculptor Certification service, issued by the International Sculpture Symposium Alliance(ISSA), has come to a close this year. 151 sculptors from more than 60 countries have been certified for their large-scale public sculptures in more than 5 countries and regions.

The International Sculptor Certification does not evaluate artistic merits but verifies the number of countries affected by the artist. Large-scale public permanent sculptures in five or more countries and regions qualifies one as an ISSA certified International Sculptor. Similarly, public sculptures in 10 countries and regions qualifies as 1+ International Sculptor, 20 countries and regions qualifies as 2+ International Sculptor, so on and so forth.

After careful evaluation of the applicants, 51 people received the honor of International Sculptor, 66 people received the honor of 1+ International Sculptor, 26 people received the honor of 2+ International Sculptor, and 4 people received the honor of 3+ International Sculptor, currently the highest level of certification for the most impactful sculptors in the field. 

The International Sculptor Certification service will be open for application annually. Through providing the service, ISSA hopes to establish an industry standard, and promote public sculpture to the rest of the world.