09 10 2021

ISSA Ukraine: 80-year-old Sculptor Embarks on a Journey

The Ukrainian Carpathian International Sculpture Symposium (ISSA Ukraine) has concluded after two weeks in the city of Mukachevo. Under the backdrop of Covid-19, the symposium announced its theme, "New Breath". Among the attendants, Taniya, a famous Russian-Israeli sculptor, is over 80 years old. Despite the circumstances, she has shown incredible courage by venturing into the world and and completing large-scale stone sculptures all by herself. Taniya's story brings an air of confidence and a glimmer of hope to the international cultural programs which have slowed down significantly over the past two years. At the beginning of the year, Taniya was certified by ISSA to be one of the few artists who have built public sculptures in more than 30 countries. Today her story is still being written.

In addition to Taniya, there were seven artists from Macedonia, Turkey, Iran, Belgium and Ukraine who participated in the symposium. The artists used stone, wood and other materials to complete their works. The director of the event, Peter Matl, had hoped to install about 60 large sculptures along the roads of Carpathian Ukraine, to attract tourists to the remoter areas.