12 10 2021

ISSA Iran: New Sculptures Brought Life Force the Ancient City

The first Gol Gohar Sculpture Symposium (ISSA Iran), was held in the city of Sirjan, south of Iran. Due to the pandemic, only 17 domestic sculptors participated this year. In 25 days time, they  completed 17 large scale stone sculptures.

Gol Gohar is Iran’s largest iron ore base. Mr. Atiq, the head of Gol Gohar Industrial Mining Company emphasized that the symposium is to fulfill the cultural and social responsibilities of the Company. The works created in the symposium will be included in a themed sculpture park in the future, open to the public.

The curator of the sculpture symposium is Seid Mojtaba Mousavi, who is also the art consultant of the Tehran City Government. Mousavi has organized the Tehran Sculpture Symposium with a history of ten years. He said that there will be more international sculptors attending the Gol Gohar Sculpture Symposium next year, and he also hopes to get support from ISSA.