13 01 2023

2023 ISSA Certification Service for International Sculptors

The International Sculptor Certification Service, provided by the International Sculpture Symposium Alliance(ISSA) is officially launched for the year of 2023, rules and qualifications will be the same as in the previous year.

The purpose of this service is to recognize a sculptor's contribution to the world by translating artistic achievements into measurable and standardized forms. The certificate will shed light on the profession, attract media attention, and ultimately increase the social impact of the sculpture industry as a whole. ISSA believes in the principle of remaining objective throughout the evaluation.

Last  two years, 170 sculptors from more than 60 countries were certified by ISSA. Among them, 57 were awarded Junior International Sculptor, 82 were awarded 1+ International Sculptor, 26 were awarded 2+ International Sculptor, and 5 were awarded 3+ International Sculptor, with 3+ currently being the highest level of achievement. The certification service has been recognized by numerous arts organizations, and supported by the media internationally.

The 2023 certification rules are as follows:

ISSA doesn’t evaluate the level of artistry, the service is aimed to certify the number of countries the artist has an impact on.

Title of certification depends on the number of countries and regions impacted by the artist. Junior International Sculptor (5 or more), 1+ International Sculptor (10 or more), 2+ International Sculptor (20 or more). The title upgrades with the introduction of every 10 new countries and regions, and it could be upgraded through submitting supplementary materials for recertification.

With the belief that good sculptures don’t live in the palace, they live among the people, only large-scale permanent public sculptures, including commercial sculptures and symposium sculptures, are qualified to apply.

Artists are welcomed to apply and refer fellow artists. The application materials include photos of sculpture, date, location, witness, witness materials (witness certificate, media coverage etc.). See International Sculptor Certification Form at, and email the completed form

ISSA awards the Certificate of International Sculptor.

The certificate is the primary reference for the 118 ISSA global divisions when inviting artist participants. ISSA will actively expand the standard to more artistic fields.

Certified sculptors will be automatically qualified as an ISSA member.

Information provided has to be truthful and accurate, certification will be revoked permanently if there’s any evidence of fraud. 

This is a service provided for sculptors working internationally, and it is free of charge for the year of 2023. The certification renews every year. Service fee might incur in case of heightened workload. Digital certificates will be delivered to the email address designated by the artists. Paper certificates will be handed out by associate members of ISSA during certain ceremonies.

International Sculptor Certification Application Form.docx

Editor: Liu Qin, Song Mingcheng

Translator: Sun Ya’nan, Sun Shuang

Legal advisor: Tao Ranting