03 04 2023

Portugal "Road of Sculpture" tourism film

Territórios de Pedra is a cultural project completed in the last two years in the Portuguese municipalities of Ansião, Figueiródos Vinhos and Pombal, creating a contemporary sculpture route with eight unique sculptures. Currently, a tourism film for the area is proudly presented.

The project aims to increase the tourist attractiveness of the area, promote the development and circulation of audiences and create complementary opportunities for regional visibility directly related to the regional tourism circuit, promoting new audiences through strong links with the architectural, natural and landscape heritage of the area, exploring unusual and distinctive contexts for artistic interventions, and ultimately promoting territorial cohesion and regional identity.

The central objective of the Territórios de Pedra project is to maximize the cultural, touristic and territorial development strategies of the partner municipalities through a cultural project that assumes different specific objectives. Strengthening the local cultural heritage (stone, limestone, stonework, sculpture, etc.), promoting a contemporary artistic language that values community memory and involves new generations, developing a cultural network for programming, strengthening the impact on a regional scale, considering sculpture as a noble act of eternalizing stone, creating immaterial values, promoting regional tourism in the long term, creating a intermunicipal visiting circuit through the sculptures to be developed. Contribute to the enhancement of the local economy through tourism development, focusing on territorial cohesion and contribution to environmental sustainability.

Photograph Contributor: Teresa Leonor Falcão Ramos

Editor: Liu Qin, Song Mingcheng

Translator: Sun Ya’nan, Sun Shuang

Legal advisor: Tao Ranting