12 05 2023

2023 International Sculptor Certification Ends, 3 Upgrade 3+ Sculptors

2023 International Sculptor Certification ended with 8 artists certified as International Sculptors, in addition, 3 sculptors were upgraded. At present, a total of 188 people have been certified in total.

This time, 1 person was certified as a 2+ International Sculptor, 3 were certified as 1+, 4 were certified as 0+, and 11 other sculptors who applied did not meet the minimum certification criteria. There are also 3 already certified 2+ international sculptors who have successfully upgraded to 3+ certificate because of their achievements in these years: Jhon Gogaberishvili, Jorg Van Daele, and Viktar Kopach. 3+ certificate is the highest level of certification at present, and there are 8 people who have been certified. 


ISSA International Sculptor Certification Service, with reference to the following criteria, is certified once a year at the beginning of the year.

1. We do not evaluate the level of art and only certify the number of countries the artist has influenced.

2、International sculptors who have influenced more than 5 countries and regions will be certified as junior international sculptors. Impacted 10 (including 10) or more countries and regions, as 1 + international sculptor, impacted 20 (including 20) or more, as 2 + international sculptor, and so on as 3 + international sculptor, 4 + international sculptor, 5 + international sculptor ......

International sculptor's upgrade, can be done to supplement the certification.

3、In line with the principle that good sculpture is around public, only large permanent sculptures built in public spaces (including symposium sculptures and commercial sculptures), can be used as eligibility for application.

4, Artists, can apply and recommend, materials include: sculpture pictures, time, country, witnesses and certificates, reports and other (enough to prove it) information. (Refer to the detailed form)

5、The Alliance issues the International Sculptor Certificate.

The certificate is a reference for the 125 branches of the Alliance to invite artists, and the Alliance will also actively recommend this standard to more art fields.


Editor: Liu Qin, Song Mingcheng

Translator: Sun Ya’nan, Sun Shuang

Legal advisor: Tao Ranting