09 06 2024

ISSA Tunisia\ Sculpture Symposium in the Ancient City of Phoenicians

From April 13 to May 4, the 6th Tunisian Art Symposium , and ISSA Tunisia, took place in the ancient city of 

Hammamet in northeastern Tunisia, where the ancient Hammamet was founded by the Phoenicians, with 35 

artists from 21 Arab, African, European, and Asian countries participating in the event. Activities included 

painting, marble carving, wood carving, etc..

 By holding an art symposium, the organizers aim to introduce Tunisian artists and provide them with the 

opportunity to meet international artists. The event also provides intellectual and cultural background for 

painters and sculptors from other countries and is an opportunity to open the doors of the world to Tunisian 



 The organizer of the event, Rim Ayari, said: "The organizing committee was very careful in advising the 

participants. They were allowed to choose the theme of their expression freely."

Hammamet, where the event took place, is an ancient city and a famous tourist area in northeastern Tunisia. 

The city is divided into two parts: the old city and the tourist area. The ancient Hammamet was founded by 

the Phoenicians. From the old city to the tourist area, one is like bursting into another world. Hammamet is 

blessed with natural conditions. There are no reefs in the bay, nor are there huge waves. The white sand on

 the beach is fine and soft. The peak tourist season is the time from April to October, during which European

 tourists come here to enjoy sunbathing.

Contributor: ISSA Tunisia member, Ali Rashid

Editor: Liu Qin, Song Mingcheng

Translator: Sun Ya’nan

Legal Advisor: Tao Ranting