16 06 2024

Russian People's Artist's Xiao Hong Statue "Hulan River in Dreams" Unveiled in Estuary Wetland

During the 2024 Hulan Xiao Hong Cultural Week in Harbin, the People's Government of Hulan District and

 the International Sculpture Symposium Alliance (ISSA) jointly unveiled Xiao Hong's commemorative 

sculpture "Hulan River in the Dream" created by Russian sculptor Andrei Balashov, which is the only portrait 

commemorative sculpture by a Russian sculptor in Harbin. This is the only portrait memorial sculpture of 

Russian sculptor in Harbin, and it is also a  perfect display of Russian sculpture art in Harbin.


At the unveiling ceremony held at the Hulan Estuary Wetland, Sergey Chernenko, Consul General of the 

Russian Federation in Harbin, attended the event and unveiled the sculpture, while visiting the floating 

sculpture park at the estuary wetland.

Sculptor Andrei Balashov is a professor at the Surikov Academic Institute of Fine Arts and a People's Artist

 of Russia. He has left great works of art in more than a dozen countries around the world and is one of 

Russia's world-class sculptors.

Editor: Liu Qin, Song Mingcheng

Translator: Sun Ya’nan

Legal Advisor: Tao Ranting