International art exchange

ISSA Annual International Series


Since the beginning of 2015, ISSA started the ISSA series station in the world to hold symposiums to promote the development of sculpture symposium around the world, to strengthen communication and cooperation between the symposiums.

2015 held a series of 6 stations.

8 series of stations were held in 2016.





United Sculptors' studio around the world together to carry out the global Artist in Residence project.

Artists to communicate at the studio level.

At present, some symposiums in the rest period, will be phased in the form of opening.



International Sculpture Annual Awards


International Federation of sculpture camp will be composed of members of the Committee recommended in many countries, every year to invite famous artists and art institutions international authoritative selection committee selected the "annual sculptor" and "annual sculpture", "annual sculpture activities" and other awards. These awards represent the highest recognition in the field of international sculpture, and the annual awards ceremony will also become a major event in the international sculpture industry.