Arne Mæland


Art Portfolio
Short bio:
Arne Mæland. born 1950, is a sculptor and a painter living in Os, Norway. Awarded the kings medal of merit in 2017 (kongens fortjeneste medalje). Mæland has had many commissions for public and private institutions like churches and hospitals, as well as for private companies. Arne Mæland expresses himself in naturalistic as well as abstract ways; his pieces varying from small to large scale, all materials mostly bronze and marble. He has had several assignments in Norway and abroad. He works from his own studio in Os, Norway, and Arco Arte in Carrara, Italy. Arne Mæland is also the founder of the International Sculpture Symposium in Os. In 2019 the symposium is arranged for the tenth time.
Arne Mæland has participated in well over 30 art exhibitions, separate and collective, in Norway, Sweden, South Korea, Italy, USA, France and Scotland.
Commisions Some examples:
  • 2019 Memorial Turøy -Granite and gold
  • 2018 Haukeland Hospital -Marble
  • 2018 honyury Award David Attenborough -Glass
  • 2018 honoury Award Grieg Seafood. -Glass
  • 2017 Tveit church Alter, glass windows 
  • Church, Askøy municipality The complete art of the church, Altarpiece, glass art windows and more.
  • Austevoll municipality Sildastim. Statue Granit
  • Austevoll municipality «Silda kvinne» Statue Bronze
  • United Nations Monument, Kongsvinger, Norway
  • Bergen municipality War monument over Fredrik Kayzer, Bronze
  • Sveio Norway Memorial “Sleipner”, bonze and granit
  • Gent , Belgium Sculpture Park ,2 pieces, bronze sculpture
  • Odda Hospital 2 bronze sculptures
  • Etne municipality Several sculptures, both bronze and granite
  • Peace Cenne Bronze statue, Ulpan Akiva, Israel
  • Otta municipality Pillar Guri, Statue Bronze
  • Otta municipality Stone worker, Statue Bronze
  • Søderhamn municipality (Sweeden) Bronze sculpture
  • University Bergen Ivar Aasen. Bronze bust
  • Bergen municipality Menneske. (Uteligger) Statue Bronze
  • Ventande jente. Statue Bronze
  • South Korea Life journey, Stone 5 metre long, 2,5 metre high
  • Haugesund municipality Olav Flytt, Statue Bronze
  • Erdal Church Altarpiece
  • Baptist’s Church Bergen Altarpiece
  • Dale municipality Workers’ monument, bronze (Tekstilarbeidermonumentet)
  • Stord municipality Miners’ monument, bronze (Gruvearbeidaren)
  • GC Rieber AS “Livet, leiken og draumane
  • Bronze monument, 10 metre long, 5 metre high. Bergen
  • Oseana kulture house, Os young violinist, Bronze sculpture
  • Oseana kulture house, Os The Mesen, Bronze sculpture
  • Selje municipality Sankta Sunniva, monument marble 3,5 metre high
  • Haukeland Universitets sykehus Emergensy entrence, marble relief
  • Moster Amfi Tora Mostrastong, Bronze statue
  • Ølen municipality Design and sculpture Joa-Kari parke
  • Knarvik Ivar Medaas
  • Eidesvik rederier Utsmykking 5 skip, Art in ship commissions
  • Forland rederier Utsmykking 3 skip, Art in ship commissions