Jan-Pavlo Roman


Art Portfolio

Over the 10 years of my studies I have repeatedly changed my specialization: at örst I mastered the work with metal, then I worked with sculpture itself and now I experiment with glass as the material for the realization of my ideas. Perhaps the reason for that is that I try to önd the quality of the absolute laws of the birth of plastic objects without reference to the material. But that doesn't mean I neglect the speciöcity of the material: I try to discover (for myself örst of all) plastic properties of the material I work with. In the process of creating an object the very örst thing I am interested in is the birth of a plastic form which contains a living idea, a form which builds and develops according to the laws which are actually discovered and manifest in the process of creation itself. You can have a great idea, you can choose the best material, but if you fail to notice and feel the nature of the material, its character and possibilities - you can resort to violence, which will end with the imitation of joy of created.... Much more expensive, interesting experience can become if you let the material go to meet the creator and prompt the next step. Therefore, I deliberately refuse öxed content, used forms. My quest is an attempt to create a sign that is worthy of becoming a symbol, a symbol of time and of us in it. That's why work on form, plasticity begins with an idea and ends with it .


2010 "Small Louvre" Museum named after J. Bokshay, Uzhgorod

2015 "March Cats" Ilko Gallery, Uzhgorod 2015 "Small Louvre" Museum named after J. Bokshay , Uzhgorod

2017 National Exhibition of Applied Arts, Uzhgorod

2019 "Monumental Decorative Sculpture2019", Lviv

2019 "Small Louvre" Museum named after J. Bokshay, Uzhgorod

2019 Regional exhibition of sculpture,Uzhgorod 2020 Sculpture Triennial, Kyiv

2020 Regional exhibition of sculpture,Uzhgorod 2020 I European Glass Education, Lviv

2022 "During the War", Mukachevo


2019 "Earth Art 2019"LandArt,Lviv


2022 Tokaj sculpture symposium