Sergio Sacco


Art Portfolio

Sergio Néstor Sacco, was born in Rosario’s City in Republic Argentina, he begins his formation as sculptor to very early age in the workshop of sculptures of his father.

It strengthens his studies in the National University of the Rosario and realizes courses of development in the area of Hyperrealistic painting.

He has realized along his career more than 40 collective national and international samples and 6 individual samples, between which they emphasize " El eterno juego del viento" realized in the year 2005 and " Punto de partida" in the year 2006, treating in both the ecological world problematics. During 1999 - 2000 and 2001, He gets out of a jam itself as teacher in the Secretariat of cultural Extension of Rosario's National University, in the chair of sculpture.

Nowadays, he is the author close to his father of the project and execution of " Cultural Regional Integration " Center Urbano Ciudad de Rosario - Inside which already they have created and direct: Museum of Contemporary Art to Sky Opened of Roldan's City - International Park for the Peace of the City of Funes - Concientización Ecológica's Itos Regionales (monumental Works of artists Internacionales de Land-art and Ecological-art), Park and Historical Cultural Monuments.

And Organizer of the " International Symposium of Sculpture Roldan's City " and of the " International Symposium of Sculpture " Port of the Art " City of General San Martín Port ".