Yury Tkachenko


Art Portfolio


sculptor, Honored Artist of Russia

 International Sculpture Symposiums
organiser, art-director of International sculpture park LEGEND


1974 – 1977 Penza Art College, Sculpture faculty, Diploma
1979 – 1986, Kharkov Art and Industry University, Sculpture faculty, Diploma

Russia, 440071, Penza, Stroiteley ave, 138-104
tel.: 007 8412 407905, mob.: ***078
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440071, Russia, Penza, Stroiteley ave, 138-104

1986 – 1990, Penza Art College, tutor of sculpture, drawing and composition
From 1990, Penza State University of Architecture and Building, Architecture faculty, docent of Fine Arts
2009 sculpture park “Legend”, art-director

1991 – Russian Artists Union, member.
2001 –  International Association of Arts, Association Internationale des Atrs Plastiques – IAA AIAP UNESCO

1993 –  Honorable Mention, “Bronze Miniature  I”, Penza, Russia
1994 –  The First Prize,  “Bronze Mniature - II”, Penza, Russia
1995 –  The First Prize in sculpture, 10 Annual International Exhibition of Miniature Art, Toronto, Canada
1997 –  Diploma of Russian Artists Union Secretary
2003 –  Diploma  and prize of the governor of the Penza area for achievements in Fine Arts
2006 –  Second Prize of  the 5 International Sculpture Symposium, Julienne, France
2007 –  Second Honor Award of National Guiding Committee for Public Sculpture of Ministry of Construction, Beijing, P. R. China
2011 – the 3 rd Prize of the 1st  Jingpo Town International Sculpture Art Festival of Mudanjiang

International Art Jury
President of International Sculpture Jury of International Sculpture Symposium, Julienne, France

1991 Penza, International Art Exhibition Meeting with P. Mondrian 
International exhibitions “Bronze Miniature”: 1993 Penza, Russia, 1994 Penza-Kaliningrad, Russia,
1995 Penza,  Russia, 1996 Kharkov, Ukraine
2007 International Sculpture Symposiums with International Sculpture Exhibitions: “Bronze Melodies”,
Penza -Samara, Russia
2008-2012 1-5 International Sculpture Symposium “ Autumn. Inspiration. Penza, 2010 – La Tour de Pin, France, Exchange Culturele, Ronde d’Art du Mond


Monuments and city sculptures
1999 Monument for V. Meyerhold, bronze, Penza, Russia
2003 Monument for Petrovich, bzonze, marble, Venice, Italy
2004 Monument for marquise La Fayette, stainless steel, sandstone, Saint-Avold, France
2005 “Evolution”, Vivry,  Switzerland  
2005  “Reflections”, Chau Doc, Vietnam
2006  “Whirpool”, Julienne, France
2006  “Overcoming”, Davos, Switzerland
2006  “Zeus and Europe”, Pezenas, France
2006  “Snow wind under mountain Baba”, Sedliste, Czech Republic
2006  “Steps of Sun”, Izola, Slovenia
2007  “Contradictions”, Davos, Switzerland
2007  “Fruits”, San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy
2008  “Wing”, Hong Kong ,Tin Shui Way, China
2008 “Three people”, Penza, Russia
2009 “Wing of Kind Angel”, Manama, Bahrain
2009  “Column”, Yeongwol, Korea
2009  “Hidden Beauty”, Penza, Russia

Author prizes for
1994, 1995, 1996 “Hope’ for The Best Advertising Photographers of Russia
2003 “Nobleness” for International Cinema Festival, Samara, Russia
from 2004 Annual Prize “White Square” for the Best Cameramen of Russia
form 2004 Annual International Student Prize named V. Tatlin
2006, 2007 Annual Prize “Golden Detail” for Best Films of Russia
from 2004 Annual International Prize “Culture Hero of  the Year”

1989  Penza, Russia, Stone Simposium,“Penza – 89”
1997  Kharkov, Ukrain, 2 International Bronze Miniature Simposium
2001  Hombourg-Haut, France, Sculpture Meeting of  Welding
2005  Morges, Switzerland, 7 International  Sculpture Symposium
2005  Chau Doc, Vietnam,  2 International  Sculpture Symposium “An Giang Impressions 2005”
2006  Julienne, France, 5 Symposium de sculpture, Second Prize
2006  Brienz, Switzerland,  9 International Symposium of Woodcarving
2006  Davos, Switzerland,  2 International  Sculpture Symposium
2006  Pezenas, France, 1 International Stone sculpture symposium “Message of body”
2006  Sedliste, Czech Republic, 2 International Sculpture symposium
2006  Izola, Slovenia, 2 International sculpture symposium “Talking, stones”
2007 Do Son, Vietnam, 1 International Sculpture Symposium “Do Son-Sea’s  Emotions 2007”
2007 Penza, Russia, International Sculpture Symposium  BRONZE MELODIES, organiser and participant
2007 Morges, Switzerland, 8 International  Sculpture Symposium
2007 San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy, 11 International Sculpture Symposium, “Scultura VIVA”
2007 Davos, Switzerland, 3 International Sculpture Symposium
2008 Hong Kong 1 International  Tin Shui Way Sculpture Symposium
2008 Port D’Envoux, Les Lapidials, Sculpture residence, France
2008 Penza, Russia of International Sculpture Symposium “Penza 2008”, organiser and participant
2009 Bahrain, International Sculpture Symposium
2009 Korea, 2 Yeongwol International Contemporary Poem & Sculpture Festival
2009 Penza, Russia of International Sculpture Symposium “Penza 2009”, organiser and participant
2009 Mersin, Turkey, The 7th International Sculpture Symposium

2010 Vadodara,  India, International Bronze Sculpture Symposium

2010 Egypt, Sharm Al Sheikh, International Sculpture Symposium
2010 Thailand, Ubon Ratchathani, 5 International Wax Sculpture Symposium

2010 Boreyong, Korea, International Sculpture Symposium

2011 Beijing, China, Tsinghua University, International Sculpture Exhibition on Campus

2011 limassol, Cyprus, 1 international Sculpture Symposium

2011Kikinda, Serbia, 30 International Sculpture Symposium

2011 Penza, Russia, 4 International Sculpture Symposium

2011Jingpo Town International Sculpture Festival of Mudangjiang

2011 Beijing, China, Tangible Rhythms—NCPA Sculptures Invitational Exhibition 

2012 Tultepec, Mexico, International Stainless steel sculpture symposium

2012 Toluca, mexico, the XVIII International Stainless steel sculpture symposium

2012 Mescheres sur Gironde, France, the 2nd International Sculpture Symposium

2012 Luneville, France, International limestone Sculpture Symposium (selected)

2012 Amchit, Lebanon, International Sculpture Symposium (selected)

Art residences
1981 International Sculptor residences, Peleslavl-Zalessky, Russia
1991 International Sculptor residences, Peleslavl-Zalessky, Russia
2008 international Artist residences “Les Lapidiales”, Port D’Envaux, France
2009 international Artist residences “Les Lapidiales”, Port D’Envaux, France

2011 international Artist residences “Les Lapidiales”, Port D’Envaux, France

2012 international Artist residences “Les Lapidiales”, Port D’Envaux, France

Personal expositions
1991 – Kharkov, Ukrain, “Bronze Miniature”, Teachers House
1995 – Penza, Russia, “One plus one”, Penza State Architecture and Building Academy                                         
1996 – Penza, Russia, “The Stream of Time”, Central ART House                                                                            
1997 – Moscow, Russia, “Bodies”, publishing house “Commersant”
1998 – Penza, Russia, “Sign and Face. Territory of Silence”, City Art Museum
1999 – Samara, Russia, «April. Turtles Procession», Meridian Gallery   
1999 – Penza, Russia, “APRILIS ANNI MCMXCIX CURRENTIS” ,Meyerhold Theatre Art Museum
1999 – Varna, Bulgaria, «Kidnapping of Europe», Hotel Akatsia,Zlatni Piasaci
1999 –Varna, Bulgaria, «Contrasts», Navil Art Gallery
1999 – Penza, Russia, «Non-exist Reality», Meyerhold Theatre Art Museum.
2000 – Moscow, “Petrovich” Club
2000 – Kharkov, Ukraine,  “So Happened”, City Art Gallery
2000 – Samara, Russia, "Elements", "Meridian" Gallery
2001 – Toliatti, Russia,  “Bodies II”, City Art Galery
2004 – Saint-Avold, France, Hotel “Paris”
2006 – Davos, Switzerland, Post-hotel “Morosani”
2006 – Izola, Slovenia, Hotel “Marina”
2007 – San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy, Palazo Auzuro
2009 – Krakow, Poland, Space Gallery

Group expositions 
More 75 exhibitions in different countries of the world from 1976

Public collections 
Moscow, Russia, State Tretyakov Gallery
Sankt-Peterburg, Theatre and Music Art Museum
Penza, Russia, City Art Museum
Penza, Russia, Meyerhold Theatre Art Muzeum
Kaliningrad, Russia, City Art Museum
Samara, Russia, City Art Museum
Taman, Russia, Taman Museum Complex
Kharkov, Ukraine, City Art Museum
Gabrovo, Bulgaria House of Homour and Satire
Ravenna, Italy, Dante Center
Saint-Avold, France, Lycee “Charles Jully”
Manama, Bahrain, National Museum
Yeongwol, Korea, International Museum of Contemporary Art
Krakow, Poland, Space Gallery

2009 Kobe University, Japan

2009 Tokyo Nihon University, Japan