Emanuela Camacci


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Artistic concepts and aims by Emanuela Camacci


My desire is to challenge. There is no preference for methods and media. I strive to explore the limits of various materials.

I realize works, expression of physical experiences. My work directly relates to events in my emotional life. I face up the oniric aspect of the life, of the dreams.

Parallel my intention is also to establish a link between sculpture, architecture and environment. Working through the architectonic element to make a sculpture out of it, endowed with life and articulated. To make a way, a passage.

To exalt the architectonic and sculptor aspect of the work and of the space in his totality.

Works are often made of multiple parts which I develop as studio sketches.

Ideas are only fully realised in a suitable context - a final work is often made on-site and changes its location's meaning.



Diploma Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture section, holded in Rome in 1990


2017 PORTIZMIR4 Contemporary Art Triennial. Global NomadicArt Project Izmir “in the trace of nature”

2017 5° Sculpture wood symposium “Rintocchi nel legno”. Praso, Italy

2016 Sculpture for MAAM, Museo dell’altrove. Città Metropoliz. Curator G.De Finis. Rome, Italy

2016 3er Simposio Internacional de escultura Nuestros Parques. Santiago del Chile. Canaán, Pudahuel.

2016 Muro d’artista e scultura work in progress. Sculpture x per Cetraro harbour (CS). Italy

2016 Sculpture for the Tsooru public park. Art college of Tartu. Tsooru, Estonia

2016 Symposium de sculpture en Pierre giffre de Samoens. 7°ed. France

2015 20th Int. Wood sculpting Symposium. Kemijärvi, Finland

2014 LIMO - V Land art al Furlo. Italy

2013 Winner of an art competition 2%, for a sculpture to realize for a school in Rome

2013 Stone Sculpture Symposium, Hofheim Am Tanus, Germany

2013 Symposium de la Pierre, Luneville. France

2012 Residence for artist Ifitry Essaouira, Marrueco

2011 Simposio Internazionale trachite stone, Fordongianus, Italy

2011 5-th International Art Symposium ALANICA, North Ossetia, Russia

2011 1st Eco- healing and International Art Festival, Daejon, Korea

2010 13° simposio internazionale su pietre del Friuli V.G. (Udine)

2010 IV Simposio di Scultura_LIVE 2010 (Pescopennataro, Isernia)

2008 3° price for a public art commission. Municipality of Mori

2007 SkulpturenLandschaft , Hamburg, Germany

2007 “Cartasia”. Lucca

2006 Int. sculpture symposium - ANKARA UNIVERSITESI. Turkey

2006 Int.sculpture symposium. Dokuma Modern Art Museum. Antalya.Turkey

2006 Simmpetra. International sculpture symposium, Portugal

2005 Int. Sculture Symposium, Municipality of Dettelbach, Germany

2003 Sculpture residency in Kunststation Kleinsassen, Germany

2002 Sculpture for the Yüzüncü Yil University of Van, Turkey.

2002 Krastal sculpture symposium, Austria.

2001 1° price, competition Cemetery ‘Flaminio’ in Rome

2001 Int. Marble meeting. C.E.M.A.F. Fines, Spain

2000 ‘Artessier’. Sculpture Park. Drumondville, Quèbec

2000 1° Prize, International Sculpture Symposium. Ma’alot Tarshiha, Israel

1999 Biennal of sculpture. Comblain-au-Pont, Belgium

1999 II° Biennal of sculpture. Aubazine, France.

1998 Winner sculpture art competition 2%, for a sculpture realized c/o Barrack’s firemen, Rome

1998 International granit sculpture Symposium Larvik, Norway


2016 Polo Museale Lanciano. New Years Brunch, Sculpture Network ‘16

2015 VIII Biennale di Soncino, a Marco. Soncino. Italy

2014 Casalmaggiore contemporanea. Museo Diotti, Casalmaggiore CR. Italy

2014 Smallmonument. SkulpturenLandschaft, Hamburg-Bergedorf, Germany

2012 BIC - 1erè Biennal Internationale de Art contemporain Casablanca, Marocco

2012 « European Sculpture – methods, materials and poetry » Edsvik Konsthall gallery, Stockolm, Sweden

2010 Personale « tracce », Galleria Artetica

2009 Lanaspace. Lana (Bolzano)

2009 "Die Andere Halfte", Galerie Freihausgasse, Villach

2008 Sculpture in Context. Dublin, Ireland

2007 Exhibition 5Sculptors, Prague, Czech Republic

2004 ‘Alta temperatura’. Città di Castellamonte

2004 Project M4. Installation in Schawbmünchen, Germany

2004 “Lo scarto come materia”. Arkad, Seravezza

2001 “Terra Sostantivo Femminile’. Vietri sul Mare. Curator E. Biffi Gentile

2001 LACUSTRE Installation – Intervention plastique au Lac de Montbel. Cat’Art ,France