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Liu yang


20 AUG 1972










Room432,Building No.25,Qunfangyiyuan,Yunjing south Street,Tongzhou District,Beijing City,China.




Double bachelor

Food Engineering     Business Administration

Social post

Sculptor        Internation symposium organizer

Vidio  Director                Talk show host

Columnist                    football referees

Banff  Mountain film festival world tour china



   Liu Yang was born in north of China,  he completed with a bachelor's degree in food science and economic management at university.

    He engaged in sports news reports in newspapers as a supervisor, then the most famous talk show in China national television office director. But sculpture has always been his favorite, in the recent five years, he has successively took part in more than 60 symposiums, in more than 28 countries, and more than ten of the sculptures are more than 5 meters high, he is the most active and the most influential Chinese sculptor in the world.

    A series of his works show the soft rope change hard stone, this is an ancient eastern thought. Another series of works show the relationship between the colorful characters and the geometric form, emphasis on public art simple communication.

As an international sculptor, his achievements in the field of international art and as a TV host, as well as in the clothing design, outdoor sports, documentary, best-selling writing aspects, let him in his country by the media and public attention for a long time, he is a kind of fashionable personage.




Resume :


1997-2002 Hei Long jiang Morning Newspaper  had served editor, reporter, deputy director of the chief editor's office , Director of the ministry of Culture and Sports.

2002-2010  CCTV The General Director of TV talk show “Word Hard”

2010-2017  for free


Other Introduction:


2001 "a new starting point for the new high," selected in the "Beijing Olympic Sculpture Exhibition" and displayed in Wang Fu jing.


2002 "No, no, no, no ... but ..." selected in 2nd Huian  Stone Sculpture Symposium  CHINA


2005 "Line of Defense" selected in the National Sports Art Exhibition.


2006 "Oriental Deer God "was selected in The 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Exhibition.

          "Oriental Deer God," and "The Three Musketeers" got Excellence Awards program, the award works in Beijing Olympic Park Exhibition

          "I lived in the 601,"selected in the 4th Huian  Stone Sculpture Symposium     CHINA


2008 "taken from the people, used on the people" selected in the 1th Gangrao International stone sculpture symposium.  CHINA


2009  “Eye Exercise, Do It Now” was selected in the first “China Power” International                   Sculpture Annual Exhibition.

           “ The Last Supper”, selected in Tian’jin SanXitang International Sculpture Exhibition.

           “Run fast” , displayed in the Seventh China Sports Art Exhibition.

           “The Visible Delicious” got third price in the 5th Huian Sculpture Symposium. CHINA


2010 “My Hometown in Northeast China” was displayede in the Asian Arts Exhibition.

          “My long march”,      the Chinese Sculpture Magzine Annominate Exhibition.

          “Destructive mining” Harbin  International Wood Carving symposium.       CHINA

          “We are together ”   Boryeong  Black stone sculpture symposium.          KOREA

          “Work hard ”       Tangshan  international sculpture symposium.          CHINA

          “THE CUP ”    Tongling  international sculpture symposium.            CHINA

          “GLOD FISH”   Taizhou  international sculpture symposium.             CHINA


2011 “my sculpture moving other” 1th international SODIC art symposium.        ENGPT

          “Three to one”  4th international Penza sculpture symposium.            RUSSION

          “Cloth with a hole”  the 5th Huian Stone Sculpture Symposium.            CHINA

          “line”  4th Benq international  sculpture symposium.                   TAIWAN

          “danceing together”  the  "NCPA" international Sculpture Exhibition       CHINA



         “red and green”the 21th stone in galilee sculpture symspoium             ISREAL

         “RIVER”  2nd "Komurcuoglu " stone sculpture symposium             TURKEY

         "super man"  5th international Penza sculpture symposium.              RUSSION

         "have a good dream"2th "taches/taches-2 "sculpture symposium.            france        

         "we are together"  11th oita asian sculpture exhibition                   janpan

         "white and blue"   6th International"Rordan" Sculpture Symposium      Argentina

          "lover stone"      1st International"Hug" Sculpture Symposium            Brazil

          "work hard"    2nd tongling sculpture symposium                       china

          "see a woman insade"  1st harnamadi sculpture symposium            nepal

          "big one"          the internation Bangalore Sculpture Symposium         indian



         "dead for life "   The 14th International symposium Cerisy-la-Forêt         france

         "Kemijarvi"  The 19th Kemijarvi wood sculpting symposium             Finland

         "family"           the  sculpture symposium of trentino stone             Italy

         "so poor so happy" 5th international Penza sculpture symposium.         RUSSION        

         "see seas"    the 1th marblem sculpture sympsoium                    costa rica      



         “go,faceing the sun”   the 23th Tultepec sculpture sympsoium           mexico

         “bird free”            the 3th jimo sculpture sympsoium             china

         “form sky to land”       the padid sculpture symspoium              iran

         “the forest of munich” the 2ed kunstdunger sculpture symposium     german

         “one work one free” the pingtan sculpture symposium                 china

          “hug the world”          the 2ed jiaopu sculpture symposium      taiwan


2015     “the music is the triangle ”  the 24th Tultepec sculpture sympsoium     mexico            

         “brothers to run”     the 1th zhishang sculpture synspoium        china

         “two butterflies”      the 8th penza sympsoium                   russia

         “sea and man”    The 20th Kemijarvi wood sculpting symposium      finland

         “inward world”     The 6th Korca sculpture symposium               albania

          “animal dangerous, dont touch”  12th the ivaloarctic arts week kunniakirja  finland

          “stone hero”          HCMC International sculpture symposium        Vietnam


2016      “the flower of window ”  the Jiayi sculpture sympsoium             TAIWAN            

               “the sculptor”   the 3th Adelaidee sculpture synspoium          Australia

               “songhua river”  the 1th griffith sculpture sympsoium            Austrailia

               “Stupid bird”    the 9th penza sympsoium                        russia

                “Color cow”      13th the ivaloarctic arts week kunniakirja             finland

                “The window”     1th the unterbath sculpture sympsoium             Swiss

                “The power of soft ” 3th nuestros parques sculpture sympsoium          Chile

2017     “the nile river”   22th aswan sculpture symposium                Egypt

               “man behand door” 1st hammamet sculpture symposium         Tunis

                “thinking box”   25th hojor wood sculpture symmspoium       Danmark

               “qixing lake”   2017 hualian sculpture symmpoium             Taiwan

                “man on wall”   1th boisbriand sculpture symspoium           Canada

                “Songhua river”   1th tonghe sculpture symspoium              China

                “Caspian sea”   2th"music in stone” sculpture symspoium   Azbaijian

                “sea hole” 6th Qingdao sculpture symposium                    China

               “Man on beam”4th  Madinaty  sculpture symposium             Egypt

               “Indian ocean”3th ITM sculpture symposium                      India

2018     “Japan sea”   2th Yukuhashi intenational sculpture symposium    Japan

               “brother” 8th Lukomorye intenational wood sculpture symposium    Russia

               “TINA river” 2th “brange ” international sculpture symposium     Ukraine

               “power from self” 21th“II Faro” international sculpture symposium   Italy