Art Portfolio

kram Kabbaj, sculptor, was born in Casablanca, Morocco,  in  1960. From 1978 to 1987, she trained first at the Casablanca School of Fine Arts,  and later at the Paris Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts.


Ikram Kabbaj lives and works in Morocco. Since  1989, she has been exploring materials and shapes which she shows in various exhibitions in Morocco and overseas, and through her particiipation in several Sculpture Symposiums and Biennales.          .


Advocating in favour of integrating sculpture in public spaces, Ikram has been a true activist and continuously shares her convictions with policy and decision -makers in the fields of Art, urban planning, environment and city development across Morocco, with positive impact, as demonstrated in the organization of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th  International Sculpture Symposiums, respectively in El Jadida (2000), Tangier (2001), Fez (2002) and Essaouira (2003) Taroudannt,(2011) Assilah 2018 with Six outdoor sculpture parcs, and a total of 52 sculptures.



2018 Symposium de Sculpture Assilah

2018 Symposium de Sculpture Bahrein

2015 Symposium de sculpture Reana  Del  Rojale – Povince of Udine, Italy

2014  Symposium de sculpture ST georges Quebec

2011   Symposium de sculpture Taroudannt

2011  Symposium de sculpture Vatillieu  France

           Symposium de sculpture Bruxelles Belgique


2008    Symposium Damas  Syrie


           Grinnell  college  Iowa  U.S.A


             Symposium  international de sculpture pierre Kuwait

             Symposium international de sculpture marbre Ho An Vietnam

             Symposium international de sculpture granite Aswan Egypte


           Symposium international de sculpture marbre Istanbul Turquie

           Symposium méditerranéen de sculpture pierre Vera Espagne

           Symposium international de sculpture pierre Dubai EAU


2004 _   Vermont art studio  U.S.A

2003 :

- 10ème Symposium International de Sculpture. Rachana. Liban.

- First Summer Biennale granite. Lulea. Suède.

- 4ème édition du Symposium International de Sculpture. Essaouira. Maroc.

2002 : 3ème édition du Symposium International de Sculpture. Fès. Maroc.

2001 : 2ème édition du Symposium International de Sculpture. Tanger. Maroc.

2000 : 1ère édition du Symposium International de Sculpture. El Jadida. Maroc.

1998 : Symposium de sculpture sur pierre, Rachana. Liban.

1995 :

- Biennal de Kwangju. Corée du Sud

- Symposium International du Yorkshire. Grande Bretagne.

- Biennale de Sharjah. Emirats Arabes Unis.



2016 Atelier 21 galerie Casablanca

2007  Faulconer gallery Grinnell IOWA USA

2007  galerie venise cadre Casablanca

2006   Bank  SGMB Casablanca

2004   exposition de sculptures jardin de la wilaya Casablanca

2003 : Expo Mar’a, salle de la Reine Fabiola, Anvers, Belgique

2001 : Rhodes. Grèce

2000 : Galerie Nationale Bab Rouah. Rabat, Maroc

1999 : Couvent des Cordeliers. Paris, France

1997 : Institut Français. Marrakech, Maroc

1997 : Galerie Nationale Bab Rouah. Rabat, Maroc

1995 : Galerie Croix Baragnon. Toulouse, France

1994 : Hôtel de la monnaie. Paris, France

1993 : Galerie Meltem. Casablanca, Maroc

1989 : Rue piétonnière du Maârif. Casablanca, Maroc