Lara Steffe


Art Portfolio

A short curriculum vitae:

  • Was born in 1969 in Cavalese (Trento) Italy.
  • 1983-1988attended the Institute of Art of Pozza di Fassa (Trento) Italy.
  • 1992 graduated at the " Brera's Academy of Art" in Milan, Italy.
  • From 1993 teaching at the Institute of Art of Pozza di Fassa (TN), Italy.
  • Living and working in Moena (TN), Italy.

A paragraph about the sculptor’s personal artistic career:

  • From 1991 taking part in several exhibitions and artistic events. .
  • From 2004 she participates in some International Symposium of sculpture with different materials such as wood, stone, snow, ice both in Italy and abroad, getting a lot of approvals from the public, several highlighting and prizes.

Besides Italy, she worked at the International Sculpture Symposium in Switzerland, Ecuador, Egypt,  France, Spain, Finland.

From 2012 she’s taking part in "PROLOGO" a Cultural Association for the promotion of the Contemporary Arts of Gorizia, ITALY.



In 2017: 2°Prize at the International Sculpture Symposium “Luci e ombre del legno”at Castello Tesino (Trento), ITALY;

In  2016: 1°Prize at the 6° International Sculptures Symposium Les Monumentales Mirecourtiennes, Mirecourt, FRANCE,

In 2015: Artist's Prize 2016 at the 4ème Concours International de sculptures sur paille et foin,Valloire Galibier,  FRANCE.

In  2009 and 2014: 1°Prize;  in 2010-2015: 2° Prize; and in 2011-2012: 3° Prize at the International Sculpture Symposium “Montagn’ Art”’ in Thyon - Les Collons, SWITZERLAND;

 In 2009: 1° Judges Prize, in 2010-2012 2013: recommendation of the Jury at the International Sculpture Symposium “Luci e ombre del legno”at Castel Tesino (Trento), ITALY;

 In 2012 Prize "Città di Belluno", in 2007 recommendation of the Judges and in 2006 prize "School" at the International Sculpture Symposium of Belluno, ITALY)


about my work...

My works represent a reinvented reality in a stylised interpretation, that exhorts to set free form the weight of the earth, release from the suppression of the reality, get out from under the daily life; moving from the dimension of the earth to the the air is the most important characteristic of my job.

In particular interest me the theme of ‘Being-Existence’, and the human being as a vehicle between earth and heaven, substance and spirit, mind and body and there isn’t any response if the mind and the body are not in harmony….

My narrative aim examines in the secrets of the sentiments and tells about a feminine universe multifaceted, dedicated to look beyond the outside of the people.   

Every woman is, at the same time, what she really is and what the others see; always in balance between ‘Being’ and ‘Appearance’.