Chris Peterson


Art Portfolio

Artist/Designer: Chris Peterson FRBS (NL/UK)


Contact   information: Studio Chris Peterson

Kalverstraat 8b 8011 LH Zwolle The Netherlands


Introduction The sculptor

Chris Peterson FRBS is a Dutch / British stone sculptor living in The Netherlands but active in the field of sculpture worldwide. He is an elected Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and winner of the Millfield School Sculpture Prize.


Studio Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson is a studio whose work includes art, design and architecture. It specializes in large-­‐scale sculptures in  stone.

 Chris Peterson creates bold and clear sculptural interventions that portray a variety of people and situations. He works alongside landscape architects, realty developers, branding agencies, local communities, to design artworks that make a significant impact.

He has realized public commissions worldwide with a majority of his large-­‐scale works in Asia. His sculptures can be found in South-­‐Korea, Japan, Vietnam, USA, UK, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Slovenia, Sweden and many more places around  the globe.


Recent developments

Chris is currently working on a large black granite sculpture for the City of Jimo in China. Two large scale sculptures have been successfully completed and installed in 2014. One in Egypt placed at the Open-­‐Air Art Museum in Aswan and the other one in the town of Olofstrom  in   Sweden.



Artist’s statement

 My work is a continuous search and exploration of urban, and in some cases, rural space. Its by means of observation that certain spaces trigger a sudden fascination. Whether this is based on an interest I take into the human behavior I encounter, or solely from an architectural point of view, the way the space is shaped. Areas that have a profound dynamic changing nature and character and the effect this has on people, form a starting point for new work. Especially those spaces that have a specific function which tends to gain a distinct different function when usedby various people in terms of nationality,
religion or background, intrigue me. Their difference in perception of function and destination regarding the use of space, forces me to dissect spaces and translate the outcome of my observations into concepts for sculptures. Giving them new labels and structures allows me to enter different domains and properties both visual, tangible and in thought.
Many of the artworks discuss matters of increasing or decreasing distance.

When you dissect and analyze space, you unavoidably have to tackle issues of ‘appropriate distance’. On the other hand, the unifying quality of space and the elements present in it, need to be taken into account as well. Therefore, ‘Separation’
and ‘Unity’ both voluntarily, compulsory or by pressure, play an important role in my work. Recent sculptures investigate spaces and structures with close resemblances with both primitive and contemporary architecture. Especially spaces with a profound ‘cathedralesque’ character in combination with a very ’silent nature’, are the red line that I’m following at the moment and translating into form.



1976 Born in Bilthoven, The Netherlands Holds both Dutch and British nationality Works and lives in Zwolle, The Netherlands

2017 Founder and creative director of the XYZ-Area for spatial interventions
2014 Curator of the 1st Olofstrom International Stone Sculpture Residency (OISSR-­‐2014), Olofstrom, Sweden 2014 Elected Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.

2013 Co-­‐organizer of the Stone Wood Iron International Sculpture Symposium hosted at the National University of Costa Rica. Organized by sculptor and Fulbright Stuart Kent (USA), sculptor and professor Carl Billingsley (USA) and Chris Peterson (NL / UK)

2012 Co-­‐organizer of the Two Landscapes sculpture project in Heino, The Netherlands.



Exhibitions / Projects / Symposiums (a selection)

2014 Group-exhibition 'Art is an inexhaustible wealth of nature' at Land en Beeld Gallery and Sculpture Park, Asperen (Netherlands):

2014 Group-exhibition at the Anningahof Estate and Sculpture Park, Zwolle (Netherlands) 2014 19th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium, Aswan (Egypt)

2013 "Beelden aan de Scheldeboulevard",Outdoor exhibition of large scale sculptures,Terneuzen (The Netherlands)

2013 Stone Wood Iron International Sculpture Symposium, hosted at the National University of Costa Rica (Costa Rica))

2012 Group exhibition 'Of Untamed Spiritt' at the Land en Beeld Sculpture Park, Asperen (The Netherlands) 2012 Exhibition at 15a Gallery and Sculpture Park, Lochem (The Netherlands)


Organization: Chris Peterson in collaboration with Stichting Heino - Sabile, Heino (The Netherlands) 2011 International Flag Art Festival, Dangjin Arts Center (South Korea)

2011 International Art Exhibition Nord Art 2011, ACO Carslhutte, Budelsdorf (Germany)

2010 ISSI (International Sculpture Symposium in Icheon), Invited by Prof. Ph.D Choi Tae Man, Dept. of Fine Art, Kookmin University

The International Sculpture Symposium in Icheon 2010, Icheon (South Korea) 2010 Artist in Residence at the Open-Air Art Museum at Pedvale (Latvia)

2010 International Art Exhibition Nord Art 2010, ACO Carslhutte, Budelsdorf (Germany) 2010 Exhibition at the Land en Beeld Sculpture Park, Asperen (The Netherlands)

2010 Outdoor group exhibition 'Beelden aan de rivieren', Organized by Symposion, Gorinchem (The Netherlands)

2010 15a Gallery and Sculpture Park, Lochem (The Netherlands)

2009 FORMA VIVA, the most prestigious and oldest sculpture symposium in the world, Portoroz (Slovenia) 2009 Exhibition at the Land en Beeld Sculpture Park, Asperen (The Netherlands)

2009 International Art Exhibition Nord Art 2009, ACO Carslhutte, Budelsdorf (Germany) 2009 Sculpture made as part of the Uchinuki Project, Saijo-City (Japan)

2008 International Sculpture Symposium Seoul, Seoul (South Korea) 2008 International Sculpture Symposium in Ventspils, Ventspills (Latvia)

2008 GISS 2008 Sculpture Symposium at the Mosan Museum, Boryeong (South Korea) 2008 Emaar International Art Symposium, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

2007 Centro Cultural Mariano Mesonada: Sculpture Symposium of Utebo, 2007, Utebo (Spain) 2007 International Art Exhibition Nord Art 2007, ACO Carslhutte, Budelsdorf (Germany) 2007 International Symposium of bronze sculpture 'Melodies of bronze' (Russia)

Organization: Penza State University of Architecture and Construction, Institute of regional Politics Penza and Gallery Samara.

2006 8th Bridges & Connection International Symposium, Andres Institute of Art, New Hampshire (USA)

2006 Project “Monte di Verzegnis 1914 slm.”, Monte Verzegnis (Italy)

2006 KIC/ Nord Art 2006 International Sculpture Symposium, Stadt Budelsdorf (Germany) 2005 The International Sculpture Symposium "An Giang Hallmark II"

(Socialist Republic of Vietnam)

2005 La Bienal Internacional de Arte SIART 05, Museo Nacional de Arte, La Paz (Bolivia) 2005 Woman's Desire and Passion, Room With A View Gallery, Shanghai (China)

2005 Field of Vision: Extremes, Institute of new media, Frankfurt a.M. (Germany) 2005 News From Nowhere: visions of utopia, Changing Room Gallery, A number of public sites in North East London (UK)

2005 >No.1<, Gallery Goncourt, The Hague (The Netherlands)




2008 2nd prize at the International Sculpture Symposium in Ventspils (Latvia) Awarded by a jury of architects.

2007 Winner of the Millfield School Sculpture Prize, Street, Somerset (UK)




Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors (UK) Member of Sculpture Network (Germany)

Member of the artist association 'Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad - Bohuslän' (KKV-B) (Sweden)



Commissioned Public Artworks

2005 Marble sculpture titled 'The laughter that comes with progressive decline', is on permanent display at the Chau Doc Open Air Museum and Sculpture Park (Vietnam)

2006 Limestone sculpture titled 'Redefining structure (1914 slm) is on permanent display at Monte Verzegnis, Friulli (Italy)

2006 Marble sculpture titled 'Contemplation structure', is on permanent display at the HEART Sculpture Park in Sedliste (Czech Republic)

2006 Limestone sculpture titled 'Its level from here on', is on permanent display at the Port of Izola, Izola (Slovenia) 2007 Granite sculpture titled 'Indispensable' is on permanent display at the Andres Institute of Art Sculpture Park. The Institute is located in Brookline, New Hampshire (USA)

2007 Limestone sculpture titled 'Everlasting youth no.1'. Permanently on display at the City of Utebo (Spain) 2007 War memorial at the Millfield School, Street, Somerset (UK)

2008 Limestone sculpture titled ' Gesture 1'. Permanently installed in Dubai at one of the EMAAR properties. Dubai (UAE)

2008 Granite sculpture titled 'Toilets and churches: a search for silence no.1' made for the Mosan Museum in Boryeong and placed in the City of Gwacheon (South Korea)

2008 Granite sculpture titled 'Toilets and churches: a search for silence no.2' made for the City of Ventspills (Latvia) 2008 Granite sculpture placed in Bundang Memorial Park, Seoul (South Korea)

2009 Sculpture made as part of the Uchinuki Project and permanently on display at Tanbarra Cultural Center, City of Saijo (Japan)

2009 Sculpture created for the FORMA VIVA Collection. Permanently sited in the town of Strunjan.Portoroz (Slovenia) 2010 A two piece sculpture existing of two large granite glacier boulders, Open Air Art Museum Pedvale in the town of Sabile (Latvia)

2011 Marble sculpture existing of two pieces, placed at Villa Manin, Udine (Italy) 2011 Black granite sculpture, placed in a public park in the city of Otawara (Japan)

2012 Sculpture placed in the village of Heino (Netherlands), part of the TWO LANDSCAPES Project. 2013 Sculpture placed at the entrance of the National University of Heredia, Costa Rica.

2014 Joint project 'The architect and the moon' with sculptor Ton Kalle (Netherlands) for the Aswan Open-Air Sculpture Museum (Egypt)

2014 ‘A shelter for a black moon’, sculpture in Swedish diabas, town of Olofstrom (Sweden)




2014 Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay Commission, Swansea (UK)

2011 Finalist James Square Commission, University of Plymouth (UK) 2007 ‘Oostindie’ Commission, City of Leek (Netherlands)


Information sheet

Image 1 a,b,c…

Title: The architect and the moon Year: 2014

Material: granite

Dimensions: 300 (H) x 215 x 1400cm Commissioner: Egyptian Ministry of Culture Location: Open Air Art Museum, Aswan, Egypt


Image 2 a,b,c,…

Title: Building with field kitchen no.1 Year: 2010

Material: granite

Dimensions: 220(H) x 400 x 610cm Commissioner: City of Incheon, South-­‐Korea Location:  Incheon, South-­‐Korea


Image 3 a,b,c…

Title: Toilets and churches: a search for silence no.3 Year: 2008

Material: granite

Dimensions: 500(H) x 1000 x 1200cm Commissioner: Bundang Memorial Park Location: Bundang / Seoul,  South-­‐Korea


Image 4 a,b,c…

Title: Toilets and churches: a search for silence no.1 Year: 2008

Material: granite and basalt Dimensions: 440(H) x 720 x 155cm Commissioner: Mosan Museum Location:  Gwacheon, South-­‐Korea


Image 5 a,b,c…

Title: A shelter for a black moon Year: 2014

Material: diabas

Dimensions: 215 (H) x 280 x 230cm Commissioner:Town of Olofstrom Location: Town of Olofstrom, Sweden



Image 6

Title: Six feet frequency Year: 2007

Material: granite

Dimensions: 255(H) x 1000 x 125cm Commissioner: Millfield School Location: Street, United Kingdom



Image 7 a,b,c…

Title: Confined space no.4 / An echo in despair Year: 2009

Material: limestone

Dimensions: 260(H) x 1000 x 110cm Commissioner: Town of Portoroz Location: Strunjan, Slovenia


Image 8 a,b,c…

Title: Magnified no.3 & 4 Year: 2013

Material: granite

Dimensions: 215 (H) x 120 x 60cm Commissioner:

Location: Anningahof Estate and Sculpture Park