Risto Immonen


Art Portfolio

Risto Immonen    sculptor      ,  Lapland  , Finland

BIOGRAPHY : I`m professonial sculptor ,living in Muurola / Rovaniemi , Finland

                         My education is craft teacher, I have master exame in blacksmithing

                         I`m member of Association of Finnish Sculptors

                         I have had my own studio since year 1982.I working with many materials - main steel and stainless steel,also

                         wood and sometimes stone. I make sculptures often by blacksmith technic,give form by hammer.It is great way,

                         it gives same time the structur and tekstur .

                         I have took part many exhibitions and symposiums in Finland and foregiens countries ,example in Europe

                         China , Japan ;USA

                         I have made many public sculptures in Lapland /Finland and symposiums/exhibitions round the world.

                         I have been as teacher in University of Lapland / Art facalty