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97Mok Cheon2gil, WoosungMyeon, GongJusi, Chungnam, Republic of Korea 32528

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1965.1.17.Chung Buk Province, Republic of Korea



1984 BoEun High School …..Graduation 1992 Mok Won university …..Graduation

1994 Mok Won University ….. master’s Degree AWARDS:

1994 Grand Prize: First OITA Asian Sculpture Open Competition

1997 Chief Director Award: The Korea Environmental Sculpture Grand Contest

2009 Second Prize: The 5th China (HUI AN) Stone Carving Competition




1994 Chosun Galley in Seoul, Korea

1997 OWonGallery, in DeaJeon City, Korea 2007 Young Gallery, in DeaJeon City, Korea




1994 Chosun Galley Choe So Dong Sculpture Exhibition, Seoul, KOREA

1994 First OITA Asian Sculpture Open Competition,(Japan)

1997 The Korea Environmental Sculpture Grand Contest, KOREA 1997 Owon Galley Choe So Dong Sculpture Exhibition, DeaJeonCity, KOREA

2000 The 5th Stone Craft Festival International Sculpture Symposium, JAPAN

2002 Special Project for the 6th OITA Asian Sculpture Exhibition– (Special Invitation Sculptor) JAPAN

2005 Kunming International Sculpture Symposium,CHINA

2006 So Sculpture Exhibition DSA Gallery

2006 Exhibition Gongju Sculptors Association, Gongju city, KOREA

2006 Banquet Of Spring (Invitation Exhibition Spring Special Project) KOREA 2006 Thank you Youngweol City, Gallery Ramer, Seoul KOREA


2006 Exhibition DeaJeon Sculptors Association, Hyeondea Gallery, KOREA 2008 Exhibition Gongju Sculptors Association, Gongju city, KOREA

2008 Hanam city Apartment Public art work, KOREA

2009 Emirates Heights International Sculpture Symposium, EGYPT 2009 Exhibition four friends of three countrys ,Seoul Korea

2009 Second Prize The 5th China (HUI AN) Stone Carving Competition, CHINA

2010 International Sculpture Project Meeting With Boryong Black


2011 Caranseves International Sculpture Symposium,ROMANIA

2011 International sculpture Project Meeting With Boryong Black Stone, KOREA

2011 International City Public Art, Wuxi T-Park,Sculpture Competition CHINA 2011 Modern Sculpture Exhibition, Moin Gallery, Seoul KOREA

2012 International Symposium of Sculptures 2012,Mumbai, INDIA

2012 Second Wuhu China2012”Liu Kaiqu Award” China Silber prize award 2012 The 13th China Changchun international Sculpture Symposium China 2012 2nd China (Tongling) International copper art exhibition China

2013 Turkey Karsiyaka symposium In Izmir 2013 Qingdao Horticulture EXPO in China

2013 Lih-Pao International Sulpture Biennial Awards In TAIWAN 2014 RAWABI International Sculputure In Palestine

2014 Exhibition ART FIAR IN SEOUL

2014 Exhibition In Hokaido Galley in Japan

2014 International Luleburgaz sculpture symposium In Turkey

2014 Gaziantep University International sculpture symposium In Turkey 2014 ITM Gwalior University sculpture in India

2015 Verodara University symposium in India

2015 7th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium 1 prize award

2015 International Urban Sculpture in Madh Mumbai India 201516th China Changchun International sculpture Symposium


Bao-Zan Development Buiding Installation Art work in Taiwan


Mumbai sculpture project in INDIA.


International Sculpture Symposium Adelade hills in Australia


The3rd Lih Pao International Sculpture Biennale in Taiwan


Bisanti International Stone Scupture Symposium in Romaina


Ufa International Stone Sculpture Symposium in Rusia


Madinaty Stone Sculpture Symposium In Egypt


9th International Monumental Sculpture Symposium India


Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival in Taiwan


Putian International Sculpture Exhbition Camp in China


Qingdao international Sculpture Exhibition China

2017Simposio Internacional de Escultura Grupo Nuestros

2017 1stInternational Stone Sculpture Symposium Suide China 2017 The Fourth International Sculpture Symposium Egypt

2017 Gongju Beakje Art Exhibition Goma Art center Korea







Mure Ich Stone Sculpture Symposium, JAPAN Iwate Stone Sculpture Symposium, JAPAN Oita Asian Sculpture Park ,JAPAN

Emirates Heights Development, North Coast, EGYPT City of Hui’An, CHINA

City of Caransebes, ROMANIA

Bochang Sculpture Museum, Boryeong, KOREA Umsung LH Apartment public Art Institution work,KOREA

Yeosu city LH Apartment public Art Institution work, KOREA Pusan AnRak Apatment Public Art Institution work, KOREA Haman Dohang Aprtment Public Art Institution work, KOREA DamYang Open air sculpture Park Institution work, KOREA KumSung BekJo Apartment Public Art Institution work, KOREA JangSung Culture Art Park Public Art Competition, KOREA

Dea Aitovill Castle Aparment Public Art Institution, DeaJeon KOREA UiWang CheongKe Aprtment Public Art Institution, KOREA

Hanam City Aprtment Public Art Institution, KOREA





Korea Fine Art Association DeaJeon Sculptor Association Korea Plastic Art Association

Chungcheongbukdo Art Review also member Korea Art Association Subcommittee Members