Maria Tofini Tsantila


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(Maria Tofini Tsantila)

Date of Birth:20/07/1958


Marital Status:Married

Current Address: Kavo Greko 3,P.O.BOX 30437 Ayia Napa, Cyprus, 5343

Contact Info: 00357- 23816307 , 0***7





Bachelor of Economical Science Studies

Thessaloniki Macedonia University,

17 March 1982


Courses:    Years 4 Introduction to Financial Acc., Introduction to Business, Fundamental of Speech, Upper Intermediate English, Advanced English, StatisticsI, Finite Math with Calculus, Accounting and finance, Economic Environment, Organizational Behaviour, Preparing for Business, Introduction to Management, Introduction to Quantitative Management.


Paralimni Lyceum, Paralimni-Cyprus                     June 1976


Courses:Religion Principles, Ancient Greek language, New Greek language, Greek history, English, French, Gymnastic, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry.



License for Civil Weddings Officer , Cyprus Government              June 2004           

Diploma of interior design, Cyprus Government Seminars  May 1995

Diploma of Instructor for folkloric dances, Cyprus Government Seminars   June 2004

Civil Defense  Section Leader                            November 1995




Ayia Napa Municipality - Accounting Department     July 1992 - September 1999


Ayia Napa Municipality - Cultural & Marriage Officer   September 1999

        until Present


Experience and Competences:

- Excellent Organizing and conducting skillsgained from Municipal Festivals such as International Ayia Napa Festival, Medieval Festivaland Flood-Fish Festival.

- Very good Knowledgeof Municipal accountingspecially of Payroll system  and other training seminars (full programme reference available)

- Cultural Department and civil Weddings Department managementskills, gained through the need of the job.

- Good communication skills gained through personnal experience by organising several Festivals and cooperate with my collegues

- Team spirit through group assessments and the need of team working

- Ability to managing paper work both in organising and classifying.

- Experiencing global cooperation between other cities and Ayia Napa Municipality

- Excellent knowledge of event managementand event fundamental needssuch as structure, technical equipment, speeches etc.

- Gaining knowledge with Windows Operating Systems after experiencetasks with Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)






1. Greek

Excellent oral, writing and communication skills Greek (mother-tongue)

2. English

Excellent oral, writing and communication skills in English

3. Russian   

Small oral communication


Computer Skills:

- Internet   (Medium Level)

- Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint   (Medium Level)


First Aid knowledge:

- Familiar with first aid such as CPR and other techniques

     (Seminars by Cyprus Civil Defense  )


Other skills and life experiences:

- Travelling in many countries such as around Europe and Russia

- Participate as dancing member, in the Ayia Napa Municipal dancing Group for approximately 10 years


Driving Licence:

Holder of regular driving licensefor car issued in Cyprus




All references and certificates available on request