Cesar Valerio


Art Portfolio
Short Biographi Cesar Valerio was born in 1976 and grow up in this village " Vila vicosa " in the center of marble stone felon . He spent is school vacation being the shad of is father between marble stone quarries , stone masonry's , marble stone sculptures and artists …at 17 he quit school to start was a young stone mason , it take him 10 years to be better than is father , at the age of 27 he start is career as a marble stone sculptor. Short statement The marble stone carving is very hard , and you must know it and know how to work it to make a good artwork.My experience has stone mason leads me to do a very risky , hard to work and not replying pieces. Must all mi artworks are feelings and mi better works really break mi hart ….do it in marble stone will last for eternity .